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Jobs for dog minders in there homes Hobart -Dog minding jobs in Hobart Wanted Dog minders in Hobart

We are looking for and Hiring  Dog Minders In Hobart and surrounding suburbs.Dog minding in Hobart has become very popular especially in the main holiday breaks.would you like to be a dog minder?

These are the type of people we are looking for and things that we expect from our dog Minding families

  • If you are a true dog lover and would like to have a dog with out the full time commitment and earn some extra money.
  •  Or maybe you have a dog that would like to have some dog company.
  •  You must have the time and passion for dogs
  • Are you  able to give  the dogs you mind the time that they deserve and walk them and treat them as your own
  • You do not mind a dog living and sleeping in your home
  • A fully fenced secure yard is a must and preferably a high fence
  • WE are looking for people who love dogs all shapes and sizes
  • We are in desperate need of people who will take larger dogs
  • We need people who realize that caring for a dog is a real commitment and you must be very responsible and don’t mind being so
  • We want to create a real home away from home for the dogs that we all mind.
  • The work is very casual but we also can maybe find you other positions in our business that you can do from time to time.

If you think that you fit any of these scenarios and think wow that is something I would like to do.Please do not hesitate to call me Kimberly on 0428 568 852 I would love to hear from you real soon

Boarding kennels Hobart and Southern Hobart Exclusive Boarding for your dogs


In Home dog boarding in Greater Hobart. your Dogs will get all the attention they need with our in home Dog minding them in family homes across Hobart and south Tasmania I can provide a  pick up and delivery service if need be in my vet approved Transport.

  • If you want your dog to have all the luxuries of home
  • If you want your dog to be cared for the way that you would care for them.
  • If you want your dogs to have outings and go to the off leash fully fenced fully secure dog parks.
  • If you want your dog to be loved and fussed over just like you do
  • If you want an experienced professional dog lover
  • If you do not want your dog in a cage 20 hours and up wards.

Well you should call me the pet services specialist.I have minded and cared for Hundreds of owners  dogs in the greater Hobart Area. All dogs shapes and sizes no discrimination.This is an Exclusive service only one families dogs at a time.I do not mass board I do not need the head ache this is about peace of mind for you the owner and me the carer.I love Dogs and if you do not do not be in this game I say.I have many other pet service Including a dog friendly holiday accommodation on Bruny island.That is fully fenced across the road from a dog friendly beach and jetty.This house is a real home away from home experience and is known as your home away from home on Bruny Island.Both of these services I offer are very popular and bookings should be made well in advance to avoid Disappointment.

Which ever Service you chose your dog will love you for it so go on Take your dog on holiday,Or leave them with me at my Exclusive dog minding service you will not regret it.Phone me on 0428 568 852  or you can take a better look at the top of this page for more on all of my unique pet servies.Hope to meet your precious one soon!