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For Dog Taxi Sydney Google Pettaxisydney.com.au.For all your Sydney Pet Taxi Needs.We are not just a Dog Taxi but a Cat Taxi bird,fish and mice Taxi/Transport.

So whether you want your pets taken safely and comfortably to the vets,Groomers,kennels,cattery a friends,Relocating to the airport or any where in the country we can help you.If we can not be there when you need us do to other commitments  we will go out of our way to find someone for you who will.Air conditioned fully set out and friendly pet taxi service from door to door.so when you need a pet taxi in sydnty pet taxi sydney .com.au is for you.Phone 0428 568 852 For a quote and a booking we look forward to speaking with you.

Pet Taxi Petersham – Camperdown – Enmore – Stanmore – leichhardt- Sydney Pet Taxi – Pet Transport – Sydney

Kimberly’s  pet taxi Sydney is now servicing the suburbs of Petersham,Camperdown,Stanmore,Leichhart,Enmore in Sydney.Pet Transport in Sydney has now been made a little easier Thanks to the friendly team at Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services With professional safe and secure,comfortable & most of all friendly Service for you and your pets.

Whether it be a mouse or a cat a dog or a rabbit,Guinea pigs to fish and Birds we will transport the lot with a Pet Taxi Service that is just about them.We can take your pets where ever they need to be Vets,Kennels,Cattery,Airport,Relocating anywhere all over the state if need be.As owners of Pets and animal lovers we know how precious your pets are to you.This is why we are in the business of pets because we just love them.We will help you all the way with your pets transport we will help put them in carriers if need be and put them in the vans and carry them or walk them into their appointments and make sure they are comfortable at best our air conditioned vans are made for the comfort of your pets travel.We are the experts and we are your pets best friend when it comes to pet travel and Transport.We are veterinary approved and we are proud of that.We do have a stretcher on board just in case you have a large sick animal or an injured one just let us know if this is what you need us to bring when you call for your appointment with Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services.If we are unable to meet your appointment due to being booked out we will go out of our way to call all pet transport companies in the area or closest to see if we can make sure you and your pet do not go with out.This is what we call good old fashion service and we love to help people out this is no worry to us.Just as long as the clients are happy and their pets that is what it is all about.

So when you need a pet taxi call the pet Taxi the Vets Trust and use Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services 0428 568 852 We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Pet Taxi Hobart and  Greater Hobart /Pet Transport Hobart and Pet Travel Hobart.Would Like to share a story.

One of my jobs yesterday was to pick up a lady and her dog and take to the vets.I picked up the lovely lady and the most lovely fox terrier the foxy was named C C yes thats right folks C C one of the dogs home dogs .she was doing a check up on her.We were talking on the way back to her place and she talked about C C with such glee and love.Oh she said I want to buy a pet mat and a harness as she is scared that C C may slip her collar.So I said look keep the price the same as it is and I will drive and return you from the large pet barn in Moonah.Well that put a smile on her face we arrived at pet barn and took in C C to be fitted for a harness.C C owner Val was trying coats for C C and toys the lot she wanted to see.They did not have a coat that would fit CC and the sales assistant said oh in 2 weeks we are getting new stock.Oh she said I dont not know when I will get back in as I do Not drive,I then told her look Val I am walking a dog in this area next week for a couple of weeks while their owner is away Rita another dogs home dog.I will pop in and bring you back for no charge to buy little CC her coat.This made her happy.Val brought a bag of stuff for her new very spoilt baby.Happily we all jumped back in the car and head for her home when we arrived I told her the original price and she gave me an extra $5 thinking she had’nt realized I said oh it was only $25 you gave me $30 she said no love I want you to have that you Have been so kind and spent a lot of time taking me to vet waiting and then onto moonah and let me look around and shop.Not many people are that kind .I told her it was my Pleasure I went and took CC from the back of the car and walked her to the door.I assured her I would be Back to take her to Buy CC that coat at no charge she was grateful.I left the lovely lady and her cute dog with a smile on my face and a good feeling in my heart.So CC is being so well looked after such a bad start in life this woman loves CC and the past will never haunt her again.So as most of my dogs home dog clients they are finding genuine loving homes thanks to people like Val.It was a pleasure to meet Val today and I look forward to our next trip together to get CC a coat :.)

I Love my Job so whenever you want a friendly caring Pet Taxi service call The Pet Services the Vets Trust and Use Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services and make a booking today! 0428 568 852

Pet Taxi Sydney -Sydney Pet Taxi -Pet Transport Sydney – Sydney Pet Transport-Pet Travel Sydney- Sydney Pet Travel

Kimberly’s Pet Taxi Sydney.Is now servicing the greater Sydney area.Pet taxi SydneyPet transport Sydney or Pet Travel Sydney and all Sydney suburbs. whether it be from the Airport  to any where in t the New south wales .Try us we can Transport your pets in our safe secure comfortable Pet Taxi Transport just for your much loved Animals.We do not discriminate whether it be a mouse to a large size dog.


We will drive them in air conditioned comfort from one end of new south wales to the other.We are affordable,friendly and most of all professional.We love our pets and we will love yours too.As pet owners and animal advocates We understand the anxiety of wondering how you can get your pets from A to B.We do simple runs from your place to the vets or maybe your pet has a Groomers appointment.We do drop offs and pick up services to and from the Airport as well.If your Pet Needs to be flown to another state where we can offer door to door service for that peace of mind.We have transported pets for relocation as families move from the city to the country we can get your pets where they need to be Stress free.Let the experts take the worry out of your pet travel and transport.Pet and people are our business and Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet services are at your service.So when you think of pet Services think of Kimberly’s Pet taxi and Pet services the Pet Services the Pets Trust and Use!

Call us for a quote or just a chat on what we can offer  you and your much loved pets on 0428 568 853