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For Pet minding Hobart

For pet minding in the Hobart Pets first aid professionals police checked,Areas.                     For pet minding. We service all greater Hobart,Huonville,Cygnet,New Norfolk,Brighton,Sorell & wider spread for house sitting.

When looking for a Pet minding reputable company.Look for a company that is established and has been grown into a good concern.A pet minding company that has a great reputation.Ask you vets for pet minding who do they recommend.

A list of things that when looking for pet minding have a check list such as this.

  • Does the company have Insurance
  • Does the company have all their team members and themselves police checked & screened.
  • Does the pet minding companies team have accreditation in pets first aid & CPR
  • Does the companies team or themselves have pet behavior experience
  • Does your vet recommend a pacific pet minding company
  • Does your company have years of experience
  • Does the company have a great reputation
  • Does the company have experience in administering medications and needles and have they been instructed properly by vets
  • Does your pet minding company care
  • Above all your pet minding company must love what they do and it shows.

This is a great check list to go through and if  the pet minding company you are thinking of  checks all the boxes you can feel pretty secure in knowing that you have the right pet minding company for you pet minding needs.

If  in doubt call us here at Kimberly’s pet Taxi and Pet Services as we do tick all the boxes.With a friendly team of 30 sitters we can cover all your pets needs,most areas in the southern Tassie region.Call us today for an obigation free initial visit and a quote

www.pettaxi.net.au     phone 0428 568 852

Dog Walking Service – Dog Walker – Pet minding- Sandy Bay-Mount Nelson-Battery Point-North Hobart & South Hobart

For the Dog walkingservice That serves Sandy Bay- Mount Nelson-Battery Point-North Hobart and South Hobart.Call us the dog walking specialists Kimberly’s Pet Taxi And Pet Services.We walk dogs all over the Greater Hobart Area.We walk dogs for all sorts of people for all sorts of reasons.We also walk all sorts of dogs all shapes and sizes and personalities.I am a dogs home dog walker Volunteer on a weekly basis I am a committee member for the Kingborough Dog Walking association.Also a Hobart dogs walking association member.I walk a lot of dogs and they are all happy to see me come up to there front doors.Every dog Deserves to have the chance to walk and sniff and just be a dog.dogs love to sniff and just have a walk I have not met a dog that does not like to walk even the overweight ones enjoy it even if their huffing and puffing at first because they are unfit in just a few short weeks these dogs are transformed and are running along like a  champion.I only walk one dog at a time this is an Exclusive Service I will walk 2 at a time if from the same family.So When you think you may need someone to walk you dogs .

When in doubt check us out here at Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services!

                          The Pet Services the vets Trust and Use!

Pet transport for your Pets Hobart

Pet Travel for your pets is readily available now with  Kimberly’s Pet Taxi.

I am now driving your pets around in comfort and safety to all there appointments whether it be to the vets -Groomers kennels-cattery-Airport pick ups and drop offs, and Breeders need a kitten or puppy picked? up let me bring your baby home for you.If your pet needs to be serviced i can take them to the breeders for that.Maybe you are relocating i can arrange  longer trips all over the state  if need be.Where ever your pet needs to be let me take them for you.Quality-Air-conditioned-professionally fitted out van for the safety and comfort for your pets travel.We supply cages for cats and other small pets,we have water and treats on board as well as some cat and dog toys to keep them entertained on there journey be it a long or short one.So let me help you get your pets where they need to be.If you are worried how to get your pets from A to B. Never fear Kimberly’s Pet Taxi is here!                                                                                                                                                         I love my pets and i will love yours too!                                                                       phone 0428 568 852

E-mail info @pettaxi.net.au

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