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Hobart Pet sitters Hobart-Pet sitters Hobart-Pet sitting your Pets Hobart pet sitters visits from $18 Hobart – Pets first aid trained for the besr Pet sitters Hobart

For the cheapest and the best Hobart Pet sitters In Hobart from $20 per visit-Pet sitters Hobart &  greater Hobart Pets first aid & CPR trained for peace of mind pet sitting & sitters call Kimberly’s Pet Taxi & Pet Services.0428 568 852.We service Clarence council,Glenorchy Council,Brighton Council,Hobart Council,Kingborough council,Huonville council,down toGeevston and Dover Ask us we probably service your area too!

Professional Pet Sitters/Sitting Industry

The professional pet-sitting industry is growing rapidly because many pet owners feel that there are advantages to using pet sitters, rather than traditional pet care options. Reasons people use pet sitters include:

  •  Reduced stress on pets because pets are cared for in their own homes
  • No “travel trauma” to pets because they do not need to be transported anywhere
  • Exposure to illnesses and parasites of other animals is minimized
  • Required Holidays are often less restrictive than those necessary at a kennel
  • Pets stay on their regular routines and do not need to adapt to a new environment
  • Not having to deal with neighbors, friends or family members feeling that they are inconvenienced

Professional pet sitters are often licensed, and insured for liability including care, custody, and control of the pets in their care. Many pet sitters are also bonded or insured for theft. Pet sitters usually have training, such as pet first aid certification, and hold classes in Pet First Aid, or pet sitting accreditation. A number of professional organizations exist to help pet sitters improve their services.

In many areas, no special occupational license is required for pet sitters. The term “licensed” is often used by pet sitting professionals to refer to licenses to do business, kennel licenses, and/or animal transportation permits available within the coverage area of the business. These licenses may or may not be required, depending on the location. Licenses are not available in all areas.


There are many different services which can be offered by pet sitters.

Holiday /Vacation Pet care

During vacation pet sitting, a pet sitter visits a client’s home several times, as required. The exact length of visit is determined by both pet owners and pet sitters, averaging from fifteen to forty-five minutes. Typical services offered include: providing the pets’ customary diet and exercise routine, administration of medications, vitamins, and other special care, monitoring health and arranging for medical treatment in case of illness. Most pet sitters bill clients on a per-visit or per-day basis, including additional charges for multiple pets, travel expenses, and special tasks. Less commonly, pet sitters offer live-in care. Pet sitters also provide house sitting in conjunction with vacation pet care.

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Mobile Pet services – pet sitting-and pet care visits from $18 Hobart Tasmania Pet Taxi Hobart-House sitting Hobart

Mobile Pet services – pet sitting-and pet care visits from $18 Hobart Tasmania Pet Taxi Hobart-House sitting Hobart

Mobile pet service Hobart comes to you & your pets.from $18 Offering Mobile Pet care visits Pet sitting,House sitting,Pet Taxi ,Pet minding & Pet feeding in Hobart and southern Tasmania.We are accredited in pets first aid and CPR for pets.Vets use and recommend our pet care services.

Yes that’s right Tassie we have may mobile pet care services such as mobile pet feeding and care visits where we come to your home and feed your pets whilst you are away.Mobile house sitters who come to your house and live with your pets and take care of their every need.House sitting also gives peace of mind for security and your pets.Then there is our mobile dog bathing where we come to your home and bath your dogs in your home.Then there is our pet taxi that is very mobile and keeping your pets on the move with appointments and flights to catch.Then there is our mobile dog walking service we also come to where ever you live and take your dogs for the walks they deserve.So next time you need one of our services for your pets just call us Kimberly’s Pet taxi and Pet Services serving all of greater Hobart and all surrounds.0428 568 852


House and Pet sitting Old Beach- Dog walking Old beach -Dog and Cat Boarding Kennels Old beach Holiday Pet care Old Beach

House and pet sitting Old beach,Pet minding visits Old Beach,Dog walking Old beach.Pet feeding visits old beach.             Dog boarding Old Beach

Here at Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services .We are now offering.All pets cats,dogs,birds,fish,rabbits,chickens,goats you name it we mind them for you while you are away on Holidays.

Some of the Pet care services we have on offer are as follows

  • Have your dogs minded Hobart in  family homes in greater Hobart a  and a suburb close to you yes folks close to you.Dogs can live and sleep inside walked daily we send txt message sand photo updates of you lovely paw family.Free range dogs Holidays Say goodbye to cages.This is your dogs home away from home..
  • Pet feeding visits we visit your pets once or twice a day and make sure they have plenty of clean fresh water.We clean litter trays,bring in mail and put out garbage’s.we can water plants and walk your dogs too.All sitters are Police Checked and are long standing team members for that peace of mind.
  • House sitting we can live with your pets this is the complete package your pets get companionship and in most cases if you have 3 pets or more it is more affordable than putting them in Kennels.Your house is left clean and tidy and we can put you onto clients in your area who have used us if you would like a reference.We perform all sorts of duties for you but most of all care for your pets for you.Once again all sitters are police checked and long standing team members.
  • Dog walking regular or just Holiday Dog walking this is an exclusive service where we do not mass walk your dog will be the only one unless you have 2 dogs we will walk them together.Our dog walker in your area is an experienced dog handler and walks many dogs in your and other suburbs around Hobart.
  • We have a our Veterinary approved Pet taxi whom will take your pets to vets,groomers,check them in and pick them up from the airport and to the kennels.We also can offer you affordable and competitive rates for flying your pets all over Australia and the world.
  • We also operate a 2 bedroom fully self contained fully fence pet friendly accommodation.yes that’s right you can now take your dogs on holiday too.To the lovely Bruny Island All austar channels supplied and opposite a dog friendly beach.                   WE  ARE  YOUR HOLIDAY PET CARE SPECIALIST!

                  CALL US ON 0428 568 852 FOR A CHAT

Looking after pets in Hobart,Pet care Hobart,In home pet minding Hobary,Pet prices Hobart

Looking for someone to look after your pets in Hobart and all suburbs.Pet care HobartThen look no further than Kimberly’s Pe

Hey all you Animal lovers out there have been a little busy but I thought I would let you know some of the things that Kimberly’s pet taxi and Pet services have been up to.We have 4 house sits currently happening at Geeveston,Brighton,Howrah and Dodges ferry
We are in our home dog minding is being carried out in our dog carers homes 2 homes at Glenorchy,@ in Blackmans bay and 1 in lindisfarne
we have 2 doggy day care homes looking after your dogs in a family home across Hobart as well as Margate and Kettering and Huonville.
We are pet feeding in Richmond and Sandy bay and we are walking dogs in North Hobart Lenah valley Moonah Mount stuart and Blackmans bay as well as lindisfarne.
I have booked in 3 cats and 2 dogs so far at the airport and another dog at the end of the week.I have transported 6 pets to their vet visits and yes you can join me to go to the vets.
I have been helping Brightside transport their puppies they have saved to the vets for micro chipping and de sexing this job was on me I was pleased to help Emma out and always will be there to assist her if she needs it such a good cause.
I have been taking pet feeding and in our home dog minding and house sitting bookings for Christmas as well as the dog friendly holiday accommodation we have on Bruny Island.Thats all folks so if you need pet care think of Kimberly’s Pet taxi and Pet Services and we will be there to take the stress out of your holiday pet care needs.t Taxi and Pet Services.We service all suburbs in Hobart and beyond.Take a look at we have been up to


House sitting – Pet sitting – Pet feeding & Pet Minding visits – pet transport Hobart and Surrounds

Just an up date on some of the jobs completed By Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services team of experienced professional Pet sitters,Pet feeders,Pet minding and House sitting Carers

We are looking after pets with our house sitters all over .Layleeta is in Sandy bay looking after 2 golden Retrievers and a inside pet bunny called mopsy.Terri is in lower snug caring for a large German Shepherd and 2 cats.Alex is in Newtown caring for a cat and Ronda & Brian sre in Kettering looking after a couple if dogs.Teresa is going to lower snug to replace Terri so she can start her house sit looking after 2 Maltese terriers in Ranelagh our House sitting prices are around the same as a kennel with your pets never having to leave home and your house having full time security.I start my job pet feeding chooks,fish & 2 German shepherds in lower longely.Petra is pet feeding 1 horse 2 dogs & 2 cats in Tea tree.we begin another pet feeding job in Glenorchy feeding 2cats & 3 dogs on Thursday.Our In home dog minding team are all looking after dogs in their families homes in suburbs all over Hobart.
So Kimberly’s Pet Taxi & Pet Services is caring for pets & houses all over Hobart and surrounds.Next time you need your pets taking care of in the holidays call Kimberly’s Pet services and we will take the stress out of pet holiday care we will go just about anywhere
Use the Pet Service the Vets Trust & Use!
Kimberly’s Pet Taxi & Pet Services. We will love & live with your pets when you are on holidays or in hospital.


Pet Feeding Greater Hobart -Hobart We Will feed your Pets at Holiday time

Need some one to feed pets for you whilst you are on holiday.We do pet minding and pet feeding/pet Care in All greater Hobart suburbs.We have been feeding and caring for your fur babies for quite some time now in all Hobart suburbs  and are Pleased to say we are doing well and we have met and invited back to care for our fur ever friends again and again.Whether it be cats, dogs. mice. birds. fish ,ferrets,Rabbits,chickens, ect just ask us if we care for your type of pet you may be surprised we have looked after up to 20 pets in one house at a time and with ease.We come into your house feed and make sure your pets have plenty of clean water,clean kitty litter trays and walk your dogs,pat , cuddle and play with your pets,bring in your mail,water your plants just let us know what chores you would like done when we come to visit and have a meet and greet with you  before hand.Our services are quite affordable some starting at $15 per visit depending on where we need to go and what the chores are that you need done

We are at your service at Kimberly’s pet taxi and Pet services and look forward to meeting you and our new fur ever friends phone 0428 568 852 The pet service the vets trust and use!

pet minding visits Hobart-Hobart pet minding vists Hobart

For an Excellent Pet minding Service in Hobart 7000 look no further than The Hobart pet minding service operated by Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services in Hobart and surrounding Suburbs.We have been operating successfully in the Pet minding business for quite some time and are now making our mark on Hobart and suburbs.We have found out that lots of people in the greater Hobart Area have a lot of pets and really do need to have a pet minding service just for them.We hear you loud and clear Hobart and are here to serve you and your Pets.Pet minding for me just seems to be come natural.So when you see Pet taxi driving around you know I am out pet minding or driving the pets Hobart around.

One of my team members or myself can come out to your home and feed and make sure your pets have enough water clean out kitty litter trays feed fish birds and cats,mice and rabbits and all sorts of pets there daily food and drink we will walk your dogs and give them some companionship and pet the cat.Pets love to interact with humans and like us they get bored and lonely.This Pet sitting Service is here to help your pets get through the days with out there family around.It makes me happy when the pets are so happy to see you arrive all my dogs I mind know it is walkies time and feed time when I arrive so this makes them very happy to see me their pet minder.I can visit once or twice a day this is up to you and I can also arrange for a full time pet nanny to stay and pet and house sit this service is the best as your pets have a full time  pet carer and companion,If your Pets have a medical condition such as diabetes we now have a vet nurse available.So this is my Pet care business in Hobart and I love it.Call me and we can have a chat to see what me and my team can do for you.You get to met with me personally and a pet minder if I can not do it.You show us what where when your pets get feed exercised and played with as well as any other information like medication ect.So next time you are planning a holiday Plan to call me the pet minding Expert Kimberly from Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services for all your pet minding and pet care needs.Use the Pet Services the vets Trust and Use Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet services at your service phone 0428 568 852

Pet minding vists for cat minding dog minding bird minding all pet minding -Sandy bay- Nort Hobart & South Hobart

Pet minding visits for cat minding dog minding and bird minding In North Hobart 7000-Sandy bay 7005- South Hobart 7004.

Call the pet care services Experts Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services.We love to help people out with their holiday pet care and minding needs Whether it be minding a cat or minding a dog or minding  some bird fish what ever you have even a small menagerie.Or a Hobby farm We here at Kimberly’s Pet taxi and pet services are always ready to help you out and meet new pets to join our happy extended pet family.Our prevoius clients come back a gain and again for that personal touch.I meet with you we discuss your and your pets needs and we go from there I will either mind them myself or one of my experienced team members can also help you out.We keep you informed on how your pets are going with sms updates and pictures if this is what you would like most of our clients love this and feel like them missing their pets melts away and it always will put a smile on your face.We can arrange pet minding visits or the premium pet service of pet and house sitting your pets personal nanny while you are away.This is also great house protection as well.For less stress give me a call Kimberly on 0428 568 852 for that Personal touch Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services the Pet Services the Vets Trust and Use!