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Paw shake Hobart.com.au

Paw shake Hobart.com.au                                                                                                                  Paw shake Hobart.com.au.Pet,minding,feeding,taxi,home stays pet boarding,dog walking,House sitting.A teamof pet loving professionals.Police checked Insured                        A paw shake blog about teaching your dog to shake there paw

What You Need:

The only things needed whentraining a dog to paw shake paws is your dog and a handful of treats. If you are clicker training, you will need your clicker.

Here’s How to Do It

  1. Have your dog sit. If he doesn’t know how to sit, go back and practice that command before moving on to step two.
  2. Hold a treat in one hand, and show it to your dog. Close your fist over the treat so he can’t get it.
    1. Give your dog the command “shake,” and wave your closed fist under his nose to keep him interested in the treat.Wait for your dog to start digging in your hand for the treat. Usually dogs sniff around, and when that doesn’t work they begin to paw at your hand.
      1. Wait for your dog to start digging in your hand for the treat. Usually dogs sniff around, and when that doesn’t work they begin to paw at your hand.The moment your dog touches your hand with his paw, tell him “good” or click your clicker, and open your hand and allow him to have the treat.Practice “shake” for 5 minutes, two or three times a day. Your dog will be offering you his paw the moment you give the command


        There are a few things you can do if your dog has trouble learning to shake:

        1. If your dog doesn’t put his paw on your hand, no matter how long you try to entice him with the treat, move the hand holding the treat closer to his paw. You can even give his leg or paw a little nudge. As soon as he raises his paw to your hand, give him the treat and follow the directions from step 5 above.
          1. If your dog still doesn’t understand what is expected of him after you nudge his paw, you can try lifting his paw into your hand yourself. Give the command “shake,” reach down and pick up his paw, and then tell him “good” or click your clicker and give him the treat. Repeat this quickly several times in a row giving him a treat each time, and then go back and start off from step 1 above. Most dogs will now understand what is expected, and begin to offer their paw

          Phasing Out the Treat

          Once your dog is offering his paw on command, you can begin phasing out the need to hold the treat in your closed hand. Here’s how to do it:

          1. Start with your hand closed over the treat, and give your dog the command “shake.” As soon as he offers his paw, give him a treat from your other hand rather than the one closed in your fist. Repeat this several times.
          2. Next, put out your hand without holding the treat inside and give the command “shake.” Give your dog a treat from your other hand as soon as he offers his paw.
          3. Practice step 2 over several training sessions. If your dog seems confused at any point, go back a step or two in your training.
          4. Now you are ready to phase out the treat almost entirely. Begin by offering a treat less frequently, first by giving him a treat after every other time he offers his paw on command. Slowly decrease the number of times your dog gets a treat after he offers his paw. Soon your dog will be offering his paw on command, and you will only need to give him anoccasional dog treat to reinforce the behavior.

        2. This info was provided by http://dogs.about.com/od/basiccommands/a/shake.htm

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pet sitting in all Greater Hobart suburbs,Kingston & surrounding areas,lauderdale,Richmond & surrounds,Brighton,Huon valley,Channel area,all the way down to Dover and some areas all over Tasmania.We have been working hard to keep pet owners and their pets very happy and we are succeeding.We have just added a retired vet and a experienced horse handler to our team.Yay this makes us very happy that we can broaden our horizons in pet care.To be a pet sitter/pet carer you have to be a special type of person you have to be compassionate about animals great and small.They have to delight you and no chore is a problem.you have to put the pets well being and happiness above yours and be content with that.This is the sort of people that you need on your team and I think that I have targeted the right people for the job with most of the being volunteers for the pet rescue centers around.This lets me know that they adore animals any one who is prepared to give up their time for free for animals are the right people for my business.So when you are thinking of going on a holiday.Think of the Pet Services the vets trust and use Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services 0428 568 852 we look forward to meeting you and our new fur ever friends.

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