Pet Taxi Launceston – Devonport – Burnie- Northern Tasmania- Pet Travel- Pet Transport

Pet Taxi to Launceston  Tasmania is Possible now with Pet Transport from Kimberly’s Pet taxi and Pet Services.Here at Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Services we do runs to Launceston an a regular basis.The cost to get a pet taxi to take all your pets from Hobart to Launceston to Burnie Devon port and Northern Tasmania is the same as what a taxi would cost and we look after your pets as in stopping for water stretching the legs and food breaks.The Pet Taxi is fully fitted out to the specifications for safe pet travel.We have pet taxi around dogs,cats,chooks,birds,goats ect; Give us a call and see if we will transport your type of pet.We also do work for the Vets and Vet Emergency Centre so the vets use us regularly so use the Pet Transport the vets Trust and Use Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Services.I am a avid animal lover and carer so your pets will be in the very best of hands.So when you are stuck and need your pet taken from A to B call Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet services Servicing all of Tasmania.

Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Transport are at your Service!   phone 0428 568 852