My Morning with Yogi the rottweiler

This morning i set out to a new clients house to meet a 18 month rottweiler  dog.He was this lovely big dog and such a softie with a fear of travelling and car sickness.I decided to meet with this client  free of charge as i thought she may be a challenge and i wanted to prepare Yogi for her 50 klm trip to the vets for a desexing operation.I Turned into the country property to meet with Yogi and his lovely owner.Yogis owner was such a nervous lady and worried about her beloved child as this dog is just that and we all have one.So i bought a small dog with me that gets on with all dogs thinking that this would distract yogi and ease her into the car a lot less painful.Well Yogi was so delighted to see my dog that she over powered it with affection and my small dog was not impressed and immediately tried to put the big girl in her place and then she did not like it so .Back to square one take the small dog out of the equation and try to befriend and gain Yogi’s trust so i could get her used to the car.Well Yogi dropped to the ground and would not budge oh no i thought to myself this is a large 50 kilo dog and i cannot move her what to do so I sat next to her with my partner Steve and we Just let her hang therewith us  for a while then i tried again nope not moving so then my partner picked this big softie up and put her in the back of the van and I sat inside with her and did not shut the doors to let her know she could leave at any time.she jumped out and then i decided to make a game with her walking away from pet taxi then turning around and running with her up to the van and letting her jump in each time praising her and letting her get straight out so she did not feel entrapped.While all of this was going on her soft concerned owner was inside as she was way to nervous and did not want to influence the dog. So then we had a use for the little dog we bought him back put him in one section of the van and then ran yogi in the van this time she stayed as she had the small dog to focus on.So I went in and approached his owner and said i wanted to take yogi for a small drive down the end of the street and back baby steps.I did this with ease so then i told the owner get in front with me she was nervous and did not want to but i persuaded her to.We drove up and down the street a couple of times and then i said now it is your turn when we get back you take Yogi out of the van and walk her around and put her in the back yourself and we will take her for another drive oh no her owner said i am to nervous for her.I explained that if she did this it would build her confidence up with her dog and if the dog got used to the car she would be able to enjoy car rides with her dog.So we got back to her property and she got Yogi out walked her around the turn circle with me by their sides and she put yogi in the back of the pet taxi we shut the door and went for another short drive i could see a smile come on Yogis owners face a feeling that she had accomplished something,She asked me have you had any training in counseling as i knew how to put her at ease and made her feel confident in herself with handling her dog.I felt great no i replied but i enjoy people and animals and if i can help you and Yogi have a fulfilled relationship with out fear and anxiety that  I would be more than than happy and that makes me feel good about it.Sometimes it is nice to be just understanding and listen to people as they need to be heard.So we went inside had a cuppa  and then again had another go.Yes success.Yogi was not sick once, and laid in the back as if she had been driving in a car for years. So now i go back on Monday and take Yogi for the big trip in town for her operation.Her owner will be at ease and i am so glad that i went for the love of it i think that we all learned something today including myself.So if you have a nervous dog don’t worry let me help you with your pet and getting them where they need to go.This was just ad day in the life of Kimberly’s Pet taxi and a rather fulfilling one at that.