Hello Kimberly here from Kimberly’s pet taxi and services.

One of the services we provide is House and pet sitting while you are on holidays.We Provide Professional house sitters that have been sitting with us for some time and are very experienced in doing so. Most of our housesitters are retired couples that do not smoke and or drink.They are police checked and you are able to view this paper work when you interview them to  make sure that they fit what you are looking for,So you get to say who you would prefer to mind your home and pets while you are away.


We decided to provide this service when I heard that some friends of ours had been robbed while they were away on holidays what a nightmare to come back to.Not only that it has made them prisoners of their own home they were scared to leave there house even when they had an alarm fitted so, I suggested that I would look after their house while they were away. I did so they had a great time and there you are my house sitting services stemmed from that,seeing a need for this service i decided to take it on.My friends have used my services since and so have some of their friends.So this service is about peace of mind.


We also could see that this would be a great alternative for people who also had a few pets to come & live in your  house and feed your fish,birds,cats,dogs,chooks,rabbits lizards all sorts of pets and would be a lot cheaper than putting all individually in kennels and some kennels don’t look after all sorts of animals.Your pets have no stress and stay in their own home environment and get exercised if they are that sort of pet.


Also this service is great for your mail to be bought in your garden or plants to be watered.Our sitters leave your house clean and tidy just as you left it.So your home is protected your pets looked after as well as your plants.So recap the advantages of this service is as follows.

  • Security for your home
  • Peace of mind holidays
  • your pets need not leave their environment
  • All sorts of pets looked after
  • No dropping off pets & picking them up before you can go home
  • Just come home to everything just as you left it
  • Plants and gardens watered
  • mail bought in
  • Lawns mowed while you are away can be arranged at a fee

So if this service seems to be what you are looking for call me Kimberly on 0428 568 852   and look at our menu bar at the top of this page for all other services we offer including house visits,in my own home dog minding for the fussy and spoilt dog(this is an exclusive service)

so whether you need a pet taxi,need a house or pet sitter,or a dog minding service,Pet friendly accommodation on Bruny Island take your dogs on holiday too! opp a dog beach

                                               Never fear Kimberly’s Pet Taxi is here!