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We also offer a House Sitting 

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 Services we also do a  House sitting where we come and care for your homes and pets all Sitters are pets first aid accredited                                                               All House Sitters are mature,Trustworthy and professional.They will respect your home and property.They are all tried and tested & our clients are raving about this service and our  attention to detail .This service also provides your house with SECURITY for your home while you are on holidays.We also do home visits we come & take your pets for a walk feed them & make sure they have clean water bring in mail & water gardens.Which ever you prefer.We service from Brighton to port Arthur Hobart to Dover and all points in between Just ask if we will come to you chances are we will .We can also offer please read on.        

 House and pet sitting this service is for the PROTECTION of your home and pets have an experienced house sitter  live in your house while you are away and look after everything for you this is a great way to have a stress free holiday. Knowing your pets and house are being taken care of while you are holidaying.All our house sitters are trustworthy,Reliable and  professional house & Pet sitters and have lots of experience and all have a love for all types of pets.They have all been police checked and can provide you with that to sight when you meet them and give them instructions on what duties you would like them to perform while you are gone.You get to say whether they are the right sitters for you or not, before they sit your house. This service is about complete peace of mind for you the home

  • WE also do pet feeding and caring visits while you are away We can come and visit your dogs and cats birds,fish,lizards all house hold pets in your house and yard feed them make sure they have fresh water,clean kitty litter take them for a walk depending what sort of pet they are.Bring in your mail and water your garden if need be,This is an hourly rate and we are there for a min of 1 hour and longer depending on what is required.

  • Home stays Dog boarding in our home Dog Minding .If your dog lives or sleeps inside they can at my place too.If they sleep on or in a bed they can at my house too.Daily walks they become part of our family.Large fully fenced yard we call this free range holidays for the spoilt dogs.  Your Dogs home away from home!


  • Want to go on holidays and take your dogs on holiday with you!

We operate an affordable pet friendly accommodation opposite a dog  friendly beach & jetty a clean, quality 2 bedroom holiday home that will sleep 6 and is fully self contained.With all Austar channels.Awesome water and mountainous views right out of a  post card book early and enjoy a family    holidays.So now you can take your dogs on holiday with you!

Then their is our Pet Taxi fitted out to pet transport regulations an air conditioned quality pet transport to the Vets-Groomers-Kennels=Airports We do state wide-Australia wide and world wide travel arrangements have your pets greeted at their flights destination and taken where they need to be.This van has business registration and is fully insured for this type of business.Which means a Quality expert pet taxi pet transport service.

So whether you need your pet transported-Your house & pets minded for protection for stress free holidays-OR you need your pets visited while you are away and feed,given fresh water and played with- Or Your dogs need to be walked-May be you want to go on holidays with your Dogs.Never fear Kimberly’s Pet Taxi  is here to help you!

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8 thoughts on “House sitting

  1. Helen Tilley

    would like information on pet and /or house sitting
    Eastern Shore Hobart. have felines.
    criteria, cost etc
    thank you

  2. Lisa


    Could you please tell me what your hourly rate is for house visits please?

    Best Wishes
    Lisa Leitch

  3. kimberly

    Hello Lisa
    Hope this finds you well sorry for taking a while to get back to you but for some reason these are not coming thro to my email.For a house visit it depends on if I have some one close to you it will be cheaper if I am already working in that area it will also be.If you would like to eamil me your phone number and we can discuss your needs and I will let you know what we can do for you or you can text me your number with a brief description and I will get bacck to you asap.thank you for your inquiry
    Sincerely Kimberly

  4. kimberly

    Hello Helen
    Sorry for taking so long but my website has been playing up and not alerting me to these inquiry’s.The cost is $30 per day including day of arrival and departure this is for 1 to 2 3 cats 3 to 4 would be $40 any more than that would be $60.You will get to meet and greet with your sitter first.All sitters are very experienced and police checked.If this sounds good to you please email me at or text me and I will call you back for a chat.Thank you for your inquiry and hope to hear from you soon
    Sincerely Kimberly

  5. Deborah

    Could you please give me a quote on in my home dog/house sitting. Also would you have anything available from 24 October to Sunday 28 2012

  6. Meghan

    Hi Kimberly,
    I live in the Bonnett Hill area just out of Kingston and I work long hours a day, my Italian Greyhound is very clingy and doesn’t cope well with being alone for too long. How much would it be for someone to go and play with him maybe take him work a walk for an hour or so?


  7. kimberly

    Hello Deborah
    I am so sorry my messages have not come throught to my email I had no idea this was sitting here but only half your message came through can you txt me your dates and breed age of your dog>My cost are $25 per day including day of arrival and Day of departure.You supply their food so no upset tummy’s and their inside bed and lead Hope this has been helpful Kimberly

  8. kimberly

    Hello Meghan
    My system is playing up So I had no idea this question was posted the cost depends on how many pets 1 to 2 pets $40 3 pets $50 and 4 and above $60 per day.I hope that this has been helpful and you have not been waiting to long if you want a chat you can txt me you number mine is 0428 568 852

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