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 Cat minding Hobart visits by a dedicated professional team who are accredited in Pets first aid for that peace of mind cat sitting overnight cat sitters in Hobart.I have minded a few cats for cat lovers  this past year We have also done a few quotes for cat minding visits sitting cats overnight.

My team and myself have completed several cat minding jobs all over the greater Hobart area I will just tell you about a couple of them, there was Pinot a robust cat from North Hobart who was always happy with a Mew,Meow,Meowing starting as soon as he heard the key go in the door.Very friendly cat and loves the brush so I would brush and pat him first then clean water and food put out.While he would chow down I would clean his kitty litter.Make a coffee and a chat to him for a while When it was garbage night put out the Garbage,then on my way to feed 2  cats in Glenorchy lion tamer and Tuffy 2 black cats who have 2 totally different personalities.Lion Tamer would be at the door hoping to make his escape as the owner did not want the cats to be let out the whole time they were away.This is something I must admit as I feel that the cats can not disappear on my watch peace of mind for the owner and myself.I would feed and water these 2 first and then brush and pat while having a coffee the kitty litter tray being the last thing that I would do before I left as I quickly learn’t with these 2 that as soon as they ate they would go to the kitty litter so after cleaning it first the first days I started only to have to clean it again before I left.I quickly changed the routine to suit this job also the bins were taken out in this job as well as the mail collected and a couple of indoor plants watered.This was always a tricky job leaving quickly walking backwards as to not be out smarted by the quick lion tamer.Then there was the house and cat sitting job that my son had done for a family in Newtown they had a delightful cat named Boof and believe me the name suited him.This was the total care of their cat and their house.With the complete care of the cat and companionship and the plants and taking care of the rubbish and mail.A lot of people are going the house sit way these days as robberies are up all over the place such a shame.

We have just completed a quote on a house sit with 15 cats and 3 dogs in ferntree.this lady has a heart of gold with all of her Cats are rescue cats,the cats were so well looked after and the place was spotless with beautiful felines laying all over what a sight not one the same all colors sizes and length of fur.This job entails a sitter to move in with the pets feed water clean litter trays and administer cats medication as well as care for the 3 little dogs walk them and sleep with them they are spoilt and so they should be,I know that the owner of these pet is now at peace of mind knowing that someone will come into the home and love them and care for them as much as she would.The owner was telling us how she had a hard time with sitters not wanting to take on her job or only wanting to visit the pets.She was saying how it was such a pleasure to come across us and us with her it is always a pleasure to meet such an animal lover as much as We are.we have cared for 10 pets at a time this will be our first with 19 to be cared for including the pink and grey galah in his huge cage.So when you need that special care for your pets while you are away call the pet care experts at Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services on 0428 568 852 We look forward to speaking with you soon and meeting your pet family