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For the cheapest and the best Hobart Pet sitters In Hobart from $20 per visit-Pet sitters Hobart &  greater Hobart Pets first aid & CPR trained for peace of mind pet sitting & sitters call Kimberly’s Pet Taxi & Pet Services.0428 568 852.We service Clarence council,Glenorchy Council,Brighton Council,Hobart Council,Kingborough council,Huonville council,down toGeevston and Dover Ask us we probably service your area too!

Professional Pet Sitters/Sitting Industry

The professional pet-sitting industry is growing rapidly because many pet owners feel that there are advantages to using pet sitters, rather than traditional pet care options. Reasons people use pet sitters include:

  •  Reduced stress on pets because pets are cared for in their own homes
  • No “travel trauma” to pets because they do not need to be transported anywhere
  • Exposure to illnesses and parasites of other animals is minimized
  • Required Holidays are often less restrictive than those necessary at a kennel
  • Pets stay on their regular routines and do not need to adapt to a new environment
  • Not having to deal with neighbors, friends or family members feeling that they are inconvenienced

Professional pet sitters are often licensed, and insured for liability including care, custody, and control of the pets in their care. Many pet sitters are also bonded or insured for theft. Pet sitters usually have training, such as pet first aid certification, and hold classes in Pet First Aid, or pet sitting accreditation. A number of professional organizations exist to help pet sitters improve their services.

In many areas, no special occupational license is required for pet sitters. The term “licensed” is often used by pet sitting professionals to refer to licenses to do business, kennel licenses, and/or animal transportation permits available within the coverage area of the business. These licenses may or may not be required, depending on the location. Licenses are not available in all areas.


There are many different services which can be offered by pet sitters.

Holiday /Vacation Pet care

During vacation pet sitting, a pet sitter visits a client’s home several times, as required. The exact length of visit is determined by both pet owners and pet sitters, averaging from fifteen to forty-five minutes. Typical services offered include: providing the pets’ customary diet and exercise routine, administration of medications, vitamins, and other special care, monitoring health and arranging for medical treatment in case of illness. Most pet sitters bill clients on a per-visit or per-day basis, including additional charges for multiple pets, travel expenses, and special tasks. Less commonly, pet sitters offer live-in care. Pet sitters also provide house sitting in conjunction with vacation pet care.

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Pet sitters Hobart & pet feeding visits Hobart

 Pet sitters Hobart & pet feeding Visits Hobart & pet sitting visits  Pets first aid and CPR trained pet sitters for peace of mind pet care visits we service greater Hobart and south Tasmania.We go the extra mile for our clients call 0428 568 852

Other Pets

Are you ready for a pet? Of course you are! There is a pet to suit you, whether it is a colourful fish or a docile rabbit. It is important when considering what sort of pet will suit you to think about the amount of time you can spend with your pet, the level of exercise you will be able to provide, the type of accommodation you have and your budget.

   The best pets are those that make great companions. There are many different types of pets that can make the perfect pet. Your pet choice should be based on what sort of animal suits your personality and works best with your lifestyle needs.

   Finding the best pets can be a fun and rewarding experience. Through the years, hundreds of people have told me about how they came to own their perfect pet, and how it has changed their lives for the better. They speak of their pets as if they were members of the family – and for all intents and purposes, they truly are.

   Some types of pets are better suited to people living in small apartments while other types of pets do best on very large properties where they have lots of room to exercise. It is also important to realize that not all types of pets may be right for you. We’ll help walk you through the questions to ask when choosing a pet and show you all the different types. Your answers will help you narrow down to make the perfect pet choice.

   Whether it’s a common pet such as a goldfish or a dog, a colorful and talkative parrot, a scurrying lizard or a fun-loving potbellied pig, the best pets can bring you years of entertainment and happiness.So get together with your family and decide what is best for you.You will get plenty of pleasure and joy from your new friend.


Animal Behaviour Matters Hobart Tasmania-Dogs behaving well Hobart tasmania Jade Fountain

Animal Behaviour Matters  Jade Fountain  presents Dogs Behaving well seminars all over Hobart.

Kimberly from Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services.Has sponsored one of these events with Jade Fountain and is going to  Hobart Dog Training seminar later this Month.Kimberly has been setting up tables with displays of her pet care services and of coarse her pet Taxi service.With gift goody bags for all the guests who attended Jade fountain seminars in Kingston and now Hobart.

These Events are very popular with the doggy world and are helpful Kimberly has now attended 3 of these as she promotes her Pet care Services and wants to get some more insight to the world of Animal behaviour.As she thinks that this can only help her thirst for knowledge on pets as this is her the nature of business.Just like Kimberly has sponsored and promoted pets first aid courses for Hobart and is training all her carers in this as she said this is her business pets and she feels that if any one is in this business they should have at least basic pets first aid experience behind them.

Kimberly has grown her business through love and compassion and passion for what she loves best people and there pets.I just love helping out owners and their pets this is what it is all about she said.

If you want Kimberly and her pet care team to help you for all your complete Pet care needs go to the Pet Service the Vets trust and use Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services.

0428 568 852

Pet care Services Hobart-Hobart pet services -Pets Hobart -Hobart pets

Pet care services in Hobart Most Pet care services Hobart can be found At Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet services.Where you can get Pet services such as Professional  holiday Dog Minding in our family Home.Where your dog can sleep and live inside just like home we care for your dogs holiday needs. We call this pet service Your dogs home away from home.

Also pet sitters who come and mind all sorts of pets even hobby farms.Or you maybe interested in The pet service of Pets and house sitting where a trustworthy professional police check house sitter minds you pets and house while you are on a holiday or  work business This is the gold stamp of Pet Services as your Pets stay in their own environment and have pet care in there home.We will consider Pet sitting and house sitting where we stay in your home with in a 2 hour radius  of Hobart call us and see if we can come to you.

Then there is the Pet Service Unique Puppy Day care and Puppy boot camp have your pup stay and be taught to sit stay toilet train walk on a lead.This puppy care is individual one one one puppy care.Most Places do not want to Puppy sit as it is hard work here at Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet services we welcome the challenge and want to help puppy owners get help with their puppies.You could call it Puppy rescue or break from puppy.

Another Pet Service offered by Kimberly’s is Individual one on one Dog walking we will take 2 if from the same family.All dogs deserve to have a walk each day.We appreciate some people are unable to do to a disability or a busy lifestyle what ever the reason.I am professional and volunteer walking dogs for the dogs home on a weekly basis and I am a committee member for the Dog walking association.


Then the next Pet Service offered by Kimberly’s is A pet friendly holiday 2 bedroom fully self contained and fully fenced 2 bedroom holiday house opposite a dog friendly beach and jetty on beautiful Bruny Island.So now you can take your dog on holiday Too!

Last but not least the pet Taxi and pet transport and travel service for pets.A veterinary approved pet taxi that Vets all over the Greater Hobart use on a regular basis.The Pet Taxi is professionally fully set up to transport pets.I can Also Transport your pets All over Tasmania and arrange Australia and world wide door to door pet travel arrangements through a pet travel company that I am an agent for who have won awards for pet travel all over.

So no matter what  pet service you are looking for chances are you can find it at the comprehensive Pet service in Hobart.Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services Hobart and southern Hobart.

Beach Adventures for dogs if their family wants any thing is possible for a luxury  dogs holiday care.




              Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services.

             The Pet Service the Vets Trust and Use!

Hobart house sitters and pet sitters-Pet sitters Hobart-All House Sitters Hobart

Hobart house sitters and pet sitters – Pet sitters Hobart,all house sitters.

Do you Have a lot of different pets and can not leave them.Well now you can in Hobart with our house sitters and pet sitters. do not let your pets stop you from having a holiday Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Services will mind and pet sit All types of  pets  sitters and house sitters are available in the greater Hobart area as well as down southern Tasmania.

Our Team of pet sitters will look after all house hold and small hobby farm pets sitters.Our house and pet  sitters are screened keen and reliable most are young retirees are energetic and vibrant and all love animals and adventures.Like one pet and house sits we have quoted for is to look after dogs chickens and 2 goats and goats need to be milked twice a day.we look at this as a challenge and look forward to learning new things.So most animals are catered for.Just give us a call on 0428 568 852 and see what we can offer you in the form of house sitting all types of pet and pet sitting.So never fear Kimberly’s pet Taxi and house sitters are here to help you.

We are fish sitters,cat sitters,dog sitters,bird sitters,Animal sitters,Rabbits,ferrets, all pets sitters and Animal Pet care ,Pet services for Hobart and surrounds.

For more info Look at the top of this page and click on a link that suits your needs. 0428 568 852