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Launceston House sitting Launceston pet sitting & House and pet sitting Launceston

Launceston House sitting Launceston pet sitting & House and pet sitting Launceston House sitting Launceston in  these suburbs and more Mowbray,Newnham,Norwood,Prospect,Prospect Vale Prospect Vale                                              phone  0428 568 852 for a free meet n greet today!

The advantages of house sitting are

 House and pet sitting this service is for the PROTECTION of your home and pets have an experienced house sitter  live in your house while you are away and look after everything for you this is a great way to have a stress free holiday. Knowing your pets and house are being taken care of while you are holidaying.All our house sitters are trustworthy,Reliable and  professional house & Pet sitters and have lots of experience and all have a love for all types of pets.They have all been police checked and can provide you with that to sight when you meet them and give them instructions on what duties you would like them to perform while you are gone.You get to say whether they are the right sitters for you or not, before they sit your house. This service isabout complete peace of mind for you the home owner.                                                                  email

For happy content pets call the Tasmanian business that house sits the most houses & pets in Launceston

Pet Sitting – Pet feeding – Dog walking – pet Taxi New Norfolk -Granton- Dromedary – Bridgewater – Brighton -pontville -Magra Pet sitting – Pet Feeding-Dog walking -Pet taxi

Pet sitting,Pet feeding,dog walking,Pet taxi in NewNorfolk,Dromedary,Bridgewater,Granton,Brighton,Pontville,Magra in Tasmania.If you need some one to feed your pets Pet sit, dog walking or need a pet taxi in the areas of New Norfolk.Dromedary,Bridgewater,Granton,Brighton,Pontville or Magra.Then call us here at Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services.We can take care of all your pet care and holiday needs.

whether it be  cats,dogs,mice,birds,fish,some farm animals we will do our best to give you a helping hand.We have a vet nurse in your area as well as a couple of other pet lovers that can come and look after your animals and domestic pets.We do all the areas mentioned above as well as around and of coarse all the greater Hobart area.Maybe you need a hand giving your pets medication or even some shopping done.We can also help you out with that.We all own pets and we know how precious they are to you so we are here to help the pets and their owners when they need us.So when you think of pet services think of the pet services the vets trust and use Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet services

call us on 0428 568 852 for all your pet and animal chores.We are at your Service.

Pet minding visits-Pet sitters-Pet Taxi Hobart-Hobart pet Minding Visits-Pet Sitters and Pet Taxi Hobart

Pet Minding visits,Pet Sitters and Pet Taxi Service Hobart.

Hobart now has a A great Pet care service that covers all your Pet Care needs.Like Pet Minding in Hobart,Pet Sitting In Hobart and a Pet Taxi Service in Hobart 7000.This is all found at Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services we have you covered for all your pets needs for a stress free peace of mind holiday.We care for all pets and can care for many at a time whether it be cats,dogs,pups,fish,birds,mice,ferrets,rabbits,guinea pigs ect.This service is a  a pet minding visits for a min 1 hour we can visit your pets once or twice a day check there water supplies and make sure they have plenty and fresh.We can feed your pets walk your dogs clean out litter trays bring in mail ect and most of all give your pets some lovin and human contact & companionship.Please Read on for our house & Pet sitting services below picture

Or you can go for the gold stamp premium pet care of pet services Pet and house sitting where one of our Experienced,Reliable,safe and secure police checked animal lover house sitters move in and look after your pets and your home.It does not get any better than this this service it is affordable and less hassle and stress on you and your pets.As your pets stay in their own environment and have full time companionship and care while you are away.Your pets are kept on their same routine as if you had not left.No cages no separation anxiety no change to their every day lives.Your house will be left clean and well maintained while you are away and we make sure that your house is left the same way you left it with us.We have had many house sitting jobs and our clients keep coming back to us.We also have a vet nurse who also does house and pet sitting jobs for the Pets that need medication and daily injections.So for affordable,Reliable full time pet holiday care look no further than the Pet Service the vets trust and use.Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services you can call us on 0428 568 852 and have a chat on what we can offer you and your pet family.

Then there is our fully professional fitted out pet taxi van.So we can take your pets any where they need to go whether it be for a vet appointment the groomers to the kennels or the Cattery.To a special occasion like a wedding or a birthday party surprise.Your Pets will be safe and secure and most of all comfortable in our vet approved Pet Taxi.Air conditioned Pets have Their own sections.We take all sorts of pets Mattresses and pet carriers supplied and toys and treats after their journey has finished and water on board too.We love our Pets and we will love yours too!So next time you can not get your pet from A to B call the Hobart Pet Taxi that is safe secure and Reliable.Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services! 0428 568 852

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Hello Kimberly’s Pet Taxi here!I have been driving around to the vets and getting them to rate my Taxi and they all have approved it to be Veterinary standards to carry pets safely and comfortably the are all saying how professional it is and how much trouble I have gone to get everything Perfect.It is such a buzz to know that my Transport has been Branded Vet approved and that they all trust and want me to do some work for them.Not only to bring their clients in with pets.But to also transport animals that they have just operated on and need monitoring during the night after having an operation they have asked me to transport these patients over to the Hobart after hours emergency vet clinic for them what an honor.

So if you need you pet transported whether it be a chook or a dog for your door to door  local or state wide – Australia wide transportand world wide look no further than Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Services.Look at the top of this page to click onto what ever services you need to get info from or Call me for that personal touch and I will gladly chat with you and tell you what I can do for you and your pet.0428 568 852




Kimberly’s pet taxi and services in Hobart is a trusted pet taxi service that is used by the vets in Greater Hobart.In Many cases I am Recommended as far as Smithton where vets have sent me to pick up sick animals and bring them down for specialized treatment.That is not available in the North of the State.I have Transported lots of different animals and not just pet cats and dogs but birds and chooks and lambs and fish,goats and guinea pigs I do the lot.I am Affordable and a lot cheaper than some as I do Know how precious your pets are and that sometimes they do cost a lot and we get worried on how we are going to pay for them.Lets face it they are part of the family Too!My vet approved transport is full fitted out to safety standards and comfort levels to make your pets as safe and comfortable as they can be for their journey.I can also arrange for you to have your pets flown all over Australia and the World door to door service if that is what you and your pet Require.

My services are very hands on and you will get to talk to me personally so I can go through what ever service you Require thoroughly.I want to make you feel at ease and confident in your pets Travel.The shipping company that I work with for interstate and world wide Travel have won the award for pet Travel in 2010 and if you want I can make sure you get That personal care.

I love all Animals ans d as a child helped my parents Rescue and give respite to many animals and nurse them back to health and ever since I have been hooked on animals and wanting to help them out

So when you need a Pet Taxi in Hobart Give me Kimberly a call and I will look after your much loved pets.

After hour Vets Care Clinic in Hobart for your Pets-Kimberly’s Pet Taxi will Be helping Transport pets From vets to the new After hours Vet Care

After hour Vets Care Clinic in Hobart for your Pets-Kimberly’s Pet Taxi will Be helping Transport pets From vets to the new After hours Vet Care

First 24-hour vet to open

JENNIFER CRAWLEY   |   November 23, 2011 12.01am


THE first 24-hour veterinary clinic in the state opens next week.

The after-hours veterinary emergency centre, AHVEC, will open overnight, seven days a week, weekends and public holidays.

The clinic, which will operate from the Tasmanian Animal Hospital at Bellerive, would take the pressure off of daytime vets, said AHVEC director and veterinarian Rhianna Jones.

She said vets who spent long hours working during the day and were called out at night got together and came up with the idea.

“They wanted to spend time with their families, plus if they wake up at night they’re not fully operational, they’re not going to give the animals the best care,” Dr Jones said.

Three full-time vets and five full-time nurses will staff the clinic.

The vets should not have to work more than three nights in a row.

The most common call-out for vets at night was for dogs hit by cars or injured in fights, Dr Jones said.

Pet owners who came home from work to find a sick animal and emergency delivery of pets’ babies by caesarean section were other reasons why vets get called out, she said.

Dr Jones said she was very excited about the clinic.

“For me it offers a new level of care that we haven’t offered before. AHVEC staff ask pet owners to call before coming in, but if your dog gets hit on the street and you just rush in, that’s fine,” Dr Jones said.

The 24-hour service will cover most of the veterinary clinics in southern Tasmania.

AHVEC will open at 6pm until 8am weeknights, on Saturdays from noon until 8am on Mondays, and on public holidays.

AHVEC opens on Monday, November 28, at 27 Clarence St, Bellerive.

Kimberly’s Pet taxi will be working with vets in the Greater Hobart Area to transport their patients to overnight  monitoring and care at the new Hobart After Hours Vet Emergency Clinic


Want your pets transported around Hobart and surrounds or maybe all over the state.Or maybe all over Australia pet transport and the world wide pet transport,It is all on offer for you Pet Transport from Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and services.Pet Transport is what we do best,I can have your pets transported for short trips such as the local vets or groomers or maybe to a kennel facility.To Pet Transport Australia wide and Pet Transport world wide that’s right I can arrange for you Pet Transport any where.As well as all pets Transported not just dogs or cats but all types.   Reliable safe and secure pet transport.I will look after driving your pets all over Tasmania.In my vet and council approved van for the comfort and up most safety of your Pet Transport.I will help you step by step with every thing to do with Pet Transport

Pet Transport Australia and world wide I am an agent for the best Pet transport around.Animal Travel winner of the 2010 Pet Transport awards,They make pet transport easy.With first class international and domestic pet transport.Export and Import specialists.every consignment personally cared for by veterinary qualified owner/operators Ken Hammond.So for a no obligation quote for your pet travel contact me Kimberly owner/operator of Kimberly’s pet Taxi and services.0428 568 852


Hello every one Kimberly Here from pet taxi and services!

I just wanted to share a job I did the other day helping an 88 year old man take his Budgie to the vets.I received a phone call fro a thick accented Scottish voice Elderly man .I need a need a taxi tot take me to the doctors he said .I asked him if the taxi was just for him and he said yes.I started to proceed to tell him that I was a pet taxi and he had the wrong place when he popped up and said my budgie needs to get his claws cut,Oh I said you do have the right place and assured him i would be there asap.Oh Thank you dear he replied I am a prisoner in my own home.I arrived and walked up these step stairs and knocked on the door.When I could here foot steps coming around the side.A Happy faced man appeared with a large cage wit a small bird in it.Thank you dear he said I have lived her for 40 years and have never heard of you Before.I explained that I had started a while ago but like all businesses they take a while to get the word out there.I took the cage off him and walked down the stairs as I was worried he would fall down the stairs.I opened the sliding door secured the cage and covered it as to not cause the bird any stress.The elderly man was chatting away I asked him if he had any family and he answered no lassie ans i am 88 years old and proud of iy he said.We arrived at the vet and the bird was taken away and had his claws trimmed they were so long that they were curling.The elderly man was such a character in the office a real delight. when the vet appeared with the bird he asked how often do they need to be clipped and the vet answered every 6 months.Ian my passengers Name was stunned he said i didnt know,I have had the bird for 6 years and never had them done.Not that he was see he and inherited the bird 2 cats and a fish and had them all still god love him.I packed the bird back into the car with Ian and off we went home.He couldn’t stop Thanking me all the way home I took scotty that was the birds name and carried him up the Stairs for Ian.He asked me for a card and told me he would tell all his friends in his thick accent>He bid me farewell and disappeared around the side of the house whistling away with his budgie I just smiled and sighed with a feeling of satisfaction. i jumped back in my little pet taxi and drove away knowing I would see this lovely client.I love my job helping people and their pets.So if you are worried about how to get your pets from A to B.Just call me Kimberly and I will help you every step of the way.

Always Remember pet taxi can arrange state wide Australia wide and world wide Travel for your birds.

So never fear Kimberly’s Pet taxi is here!





Hello Kimberly here from Kimberly’s pet taxi and services.

One of the services we provide is House and pet sitting while you are on holidays.We Provide Professional house sitters that have been sitting with us for some time and are very experienced in doing so. Most of our housesitters are retired couples that do not smoke and or drink.They are police checked and you are able to view this paper work when you interview them to  make sure that they fit what you are looking for,So you get to say who you would prefer to mind your home and pets while you are away.


We decided to provide this service when I heard that some friends of ours had been robbed while they were away on holidays what a nightmare to come back to.Not only that it has made them prisoners of their own home they were scared to leave there house even when they had an alarm fitted so, I suggested that I would look after their house while they were away. I did so they had a great time and there you are my house sitting services stemmed from that,seeing a need for this service i decided to take it on.My friends have used my services since and so have some of their friends.So this service is about peace of mind.


We also could see that this would be a great alternative for people who also had a few pets to come & live in your  house and feed your fish,birds,cats,dogs,chooks,rabbits lizards all sorts of pets and would be a lot cheaper than putting all individually in kennels and some kennels don’t look after all sorts of animals.Your pets have no stress and stay in their own home environment and get exercised if they are that sort of pet.


Also this service is great for your mail to be bought in your garden or plants to be watered.Our sitters leave your house clean and tidy just as you left it.So your home is protected your pets looked after as well as your plants.So recap the advantages of this service is as follows.

  • Security for your home
  • Peace of mind holidays
  • your pets need not leave their environment
  • All sorts of pets looked after
  • No dropping off pets & picking them up before you can go home
  • Just come home to everything just as you left it
  • Plants and gardens watered
  • mail bought in
  • Lawns mowed while you are away can be arranged at a fee

So if this service seems to be what you are looking for call me Kimberly on 0428 568 852   and look at our menu bar at the top of this page for all other services we offer including house visits,in my own home dog minding for the fussy and spoilt dog(this is an exclusive service)

so whether you need a pet taxi,need a house or pet sitter,or a dog minding service,Pet friendly accommodation on Bruny Island take your dogs on holiday too! opp a dog beach

                                               Never fear Kimberly’s Pet Taxi is here!



Premium Feline Transport within Hobart and Tasmania-Australia wide and World wide Travel arrangements can be made for your cats  .. Will pick up and deliver as your much loved feline is our priority there would be NO stops or picking up other cats at the same time. Air conditioned fitted out vehicle and every cat is treated as if it was our own to reduce the stressful experience.

I just thought that I would elaborate on Our Pet Taxi  Transport to let you know that Pet Taxi will Transport your cats and Kittens as well as most house hold pets.I have taken cats to the Airport to be sent the Vets and to the cattery and I have taken them to a groomer as well.Most cats are great travelers and are quite easy to handle.As being a professional cat taxi we offer the right cat cages with a blanket on the bottom for comfort.Then their comfy cage gets put into another cage built into the van your cat is then very safe and secure

Bookings essential it is good to book Kimberly’s Pet Taxi as soon as you make your cats appointments as to avoid disappointment.Or we can make your cats bookings for you.

Just To remind you we do in your home pet and house sitting so if you need your cats minded while you are on holidays and have a couple of cats or dogs fish birds ect.We can look after your pets and your home look up house and pet sitting link on top of the page

So when you need to get your cats taken to their appointments or anywhere they need to be never fear Kimberly’s Pet Taxi is here!