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Need a pet taxi or Pet Transport in Sydney Pet taxi,MelbournePet taxi,Brisbane Pet Taxi,Gold Coast Pet Taxi,Sunshine Coast Pet taxi,Perth Pet Taxi,Adelaide Pet Taxi,Hobart Pet Taxi or Pet Taxi Darwin.Pet Taxi Australia Wide.Then call us the Pet Taxi Experts we can find you a pet taxi any where in Australia that you need and when you need it.Don’t Waste Your time and Money when we have our finger on the pulse of the pet taxi’s in Australia.You need Pet Transport we can help you to get your pets world wide and Australia wide at the right price.We operate Pet taxi’s/Pet Transport and also have affiliate’s all around Australia,We will get you your pet taxi/Pet Transport when you need it at a price that suits you.Whether it be an appointment for your pets like vets,Groomers,Kennels,Cattery,Relocation or to a special event.We can find you door to door service from airports book your pets in for their flights.Arrange a pick up at the end of their flight.

So for pet transport when only the road will do call me Kimberly at Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services.The Pet Transport the Vets Trust and Use.Phone 0428 568 852

Pet Taxi Sydney

For Dog Taxi Sydney Google all your Sydney Pet Taxi Needs.We are not just a Dog Taxi but a Cat Taxi bird,fish and mice Taxi/Transport.

So whether you want your pets taken safely and comfortably to the vets,Groomers,kennels,cattery a friends,Relocating to the airport or any where in the country we can help you.If we can not be there when you need us do to other commitments  we will go out of our way to find someone for you who will.Air conditioned fully set out and friendly pet taxi service from door to when you need a pet taxi in sydnty pet taxi sydney is for you.Phone 0428 568 852 For a quote and a booking we look forward to speaking with you.

Pet Taxi Petersham – Camperdown – Enmore – Stanmore – leichhardt- Sydney Pet Taxi – Pet Transport – Sydney

Kimberly’s  pet taxi Sydney is now servicing the suburbs of Petersham,Camperdown,Stanmore,Leichhart,Enmore in Sydney.Pet Transport in Sydney has now been made a little easier Thanks to the friendly team at Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services With professional safe and secure,comfortable & most of all friendly Service for you and your pets.

Whether it be a mouse or a cat a dog or a rabbit,Guinea pigs to fish and Birds we will transport the lot with a Pet Taxi Service that is just about them.We can take your pets where ever they need to be Vets,Kennels,Cattery,Airport,Relocating anywhere all over the state if need be.As owners of Pets and animal lovers we know how precious your pets are to you.This is why we are in the business of pets because we just love them.We will help you all the way with your pets transport we will help put them in carriers if need be and put them in the vans and carry them or walk them into their appointments and make sure they are comfortable at best our air conditioned vans are made for the comfort of your pets travel.We are the experts and we are your pets best friend when it comes to pet travel and Transport.We are veterinary approved and we are proud of that.We do have a stretcher on board just in case you have a large sick animal or an injured one just let us know if this is what you need us to bring when you call for your appointment with Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services.If we are unable to meet your appointment due to being booked out we will go out of our way to call all pet transport companies in the area or closest to see if we can make sure you and your pet do not go with out.This is what we call good old fashion service and we love to help people out this is no worry to us.Just as long as the clients are happy and their pets that is what it is all about.

So when you need a pet taxi call the pet Taxi the Vets Trust and use Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services 0428 568 852 We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Pet Taxi Sydney and New South Wales – Pet Transport Sydney and New south Wales – Pet Travel Sydney and New South Wales

Need Pet taxi Pet Transport in New South Wales or Sydney NSW.Well look no further than the veterinary approved Pet Taxi Transport at.

“Kimberly’s pet taxi and Pet services”

Providing  Professional – Affordable – Friendly – Safe Comfortable – Reliable – Helpful Pet  Services for you.

“Veterinary approved Pet Transport for you and your pets needs.The pet transport the vets trust and use on a daily basis”  *Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Services*

We will pick up and take your pets to :
Vets – Groomers – Kennels – Dog Minders – Pet Sitters – Airport

We also do State wide-Australia wide and  World wide Travel arrangements for all of your pets.

  • We do Airport pick up and drop off.
  • Pick up puppies or kittens from the breeders.
  • Anywhere your pet needs to be, I will take them there.
  • Longer trips can be arranged State wide Australia Wide.
  • Quality service, air-conditioned transport for your pet
  • We take small pets from mice,birds,cats,guinea pigs or even ducks to large size dogs.


So when you think of Pet Taxi and Transport,Travel Services think of Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services.The Pet Services The vets Trust and Use!   


Kimberly’s Pet Taxi & all pet sitting Services Hobart Pet care for when your not there

Safety & luxury transport for your pets!

Kimberly’s Pet Taxi has just been fitted out to the safety standards of pet travel.I have had several consults with various Vets throughout Hobart and had there feed back and suggestions on how to transport your pets in the up most safety and comfort of you pet family member.Also i went to the local council to affirm these and they have given me the go ahead with the safety i have taken on board.I had my van fitted out by the experts who fitted out the dogs home vans as well as the police sniffer dog vans as these are the proper safe way to transport your pets.I have done my homework to make sure your pets are safe and comfortable.Pets should not be put in a van together without barricades between them as if a fight breaks out this could be disastrous to you and your pet as  well as for me i do not need the headache of having to worry about this and neither should you.Your pets should be in a secure  area of it’s own to ensure your pet is safe and not sharing any other pets space unless they are of the same family.Even if a fight did not break out some pets get anxious and they might not show it but they could be very nervous and can bring on stress this is not good for your pets,so I have eliminated this problem your pet will not even see the pet next to them if there are a few pets traveling at the same time which does not happen often but just in case I am prepared for that. I was advised by the vets and the animal control that pets should never be attached to any sort of lead while they are traveling as this is not the appropriate way to transport pets.My van is a Quality fitted out air-conditioned vehicle.With a touch of luxury all sections have there own mattresses and there is water on board as well as snacks provided.I will help you with your pet every step of the way if you want me to make an appointment for you i can arrange that.You are quite welcome to come for the drive if you wish as i hold a PPV license so i am Qualified  to do so.I will also arrange airport travel for your pets and i can arrange for your pets to be picked up at there destination in other states and taken where they need to be,i can also arrange for them to be taken to other airports throughout the state to board there flights so they can be bought down here and i will greet them at Hobart Airport and bring them to there final destination in comfort & safety.So whether your pets need to go to the Airport,Vets,Groomers,breeders,dog minders,pet sitters let me take them for you never fear Kimberly is here!