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For the best Kingston Pet care & Pet sitting, pet minding in Kingston,Margate.Huntinfield,Firthside,Blackmans bay,Howden We are the pet loving professionals

For the best Kingston Pet care & Pet sitting, pet minding in Kingston,Margate.Huntinfield,Firthside,Blackmans bay,Howden We are the pet loving professionals.the most popular name of dogs we have cared for in the hobart area that is  Prince that’s right Prince pet care for the Kingborough  council area.We also have a team of House sitters and dog walkers and we have the unique home stays dog board a dog walking service and a pet friendly accommodation on Bruny Island as well as the origanal pet taxi veterinary approved.We are proud of our service and have a team of 30 pet care professionals waiting to care for your lovely pets in the greater Hobart area.Pets are less stressed when left in their oen homes or in a home stay situation for dog boarding.

So when you are looking for pet loving professionals in the Kingborough area please call us at Kimberly’ Pet Taxi and Pet Services

A little about the area Kingborough council is the fastest growing council in Tasmania

Kingston is a town on the outskirts of HobartTasmaniaAustralia. Nestled 12 km south of the city between and around several hills, Kingston is the seat of the Kingborough Council, and today serves as the gateway between Hobart and theD’Entrecasteaux Channel region, which meets the Derwent River nearby. It is one of the fastest growing regions in Tasmania.[1] This statistical area had an estimated population of 11,200 in June 2012.[2]

Although the Blackmans Bay region is statistically classed as a separate urban area to Hobart,Kingston is part of the Greater Hobart area. This is in part possibly due to the continuous urbanisation along the river front, its significant size, and the high number of residents working in the CBD of Hobart.

Kingston is a lovely place to live and you are so lucky to be able to have Kingston beach at your door step and Blackmans bay Beach just down the road spoilt for choice;

Some of our information was sourced From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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For Affordable Pets first aid trained professionals in Pet Sitting Kingston,Pet Sitters from $20 per visit,Pet Feeding Kingston,House sitters Kingston,Pet Minding Kingston,Dog Walking Kingston.Call Kimberly on0428 568 852 to have a chat We can help you with all your Holiday needs.We also serve Blackmans bay,Margate firthside Huntingfield

Ask the pet sitters you are interviewing about their Experience

Having experience is one thing. Having relevant experience is Another. All pets are different and at the very least your pet sitter should be used to looking after dogs or cats of a similar size, breed and mentality. Having experience with monkeys, although  may be helpful But in the reality of it all, isn’t going to be very useful when caring for a  after a Shitzu or a German Shepard Or a Persian cat.

Pet sitters should have CPR and pets first aid experience to pet sit,pet feed or pet mining as pet minding can entail lots of different Tasks depending on the client of course.It is handy to be handy for your pet sitter or pet feeder pet minder to be able to administer medication such as insulin injections.

Your pet sitting business or company that you use should be very helpful and courteous and nothing should be a problem for them to do for your pet.Your pet should like them if your pet growls or hisses they are probably not for you.If you want Affordable friendly and professional service give me a call Kimberly from Kimberly’s pet taxi and Pet Services on 0428 568 852 we look forward to chatting with you about how we can help with your pets.

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Pet sitting Kingston Tasmania7050 is now readily available.Pet Sitting in Kingston is becoming the Trend.For all Pet sitting needs in Kingston.Call Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services and we we will come meet and chat and find out exactly what you need from our pet sitting service in Kingston.We have Pet Sitting visits in which we come to your place once or twice a day and take care of all you Pets sitting needs.We feed give clean water and clean kitty litter trays and feed chooks dogs cats goats fish birds the lot we walk your dogs and give all your pets a little human companionship time.Then there is the stay in your home Pet sitting in which we move in with your pets and look after everything.Your pet will not be lonely and have a pet sitting nanny with them just like you were home this Pet sitting service the Premium pet sitting service in Kingston and all surrounding suburbs.We have been operating successfully and enjoy what we do best Pet sitting Pets.Call us for a quote on 0428 568 852 Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services.The Pet Service the vets Trust and Use!

Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services Ready to do all your pet sitting for you!

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We Have professionally and successfully completed a few                pet minding & Pet sitting jobs in  Blackmans Bay-Kingston 7050-Margate-Snug & Leslie vale In the Towns of Tasmania.This Christmas  holidays Break and are proud of the work we have completed.With Happy pet owners and house owners and most all very contented pets.

We did 2 in Tinderbox Road where we had dogs cats fish ducks chickens a rooster and fish to be feed and given fresh water.Dogs to be walked as well.One of them was a 4 hour a day job where we just let there 2 large German shepherds out and let them run around and play fetch.To then feed them and lock them away for when the owners returned.You see they had interstate visitors and wanted to show them around southern Tasmania and the Hobart area needed some one to baby sit their dogs for the 4 hours so they would not be penned up all day.This Job I gave to my house sitters Ronda & Brian a Retired couple who want to make some spare money and feel they still have something to offer the work source. The owners had a glowing report and said that now they know that Kimberly”s Pet Taxi & Pet Services can oblige them in this service that they will now have more freedom.They also said we could give their number out to people who may be thinking of using My services to tell them of their positive experience.


The other In Blackmans bay was A family who went away for 2 weeks holidays and needed their 4 dogs penned of a night and their boundary collars taken off feed an given fresh water feed the cat and the tropical fish.Then In the morning return and Feed dogs Put their boundary collars on for the day and make sure there was plenty of fresh water available to them.Feed the chickens and rooster and again fresh water and then feed the Gold fish.and repeat this every day for the time they were away.Bring in their mail and water their plantsThis job I did myself The owners were so impressed They have already booked my services again for the next holidays.They were thrilled and aid that now they can go away without having to worry about their pets.


The other Job was at Snug which was a house sit for 2 spoilt inside dogs and 2 Kittens.This job was done by my team member and my son who is in his 2nd year of Medicine he loves animals and I think to have a house with no interruptions from others around so he could study suited him well.He walked the dogs twice a day and made sure they were feed and watered each day.The kittens were to be feed and watered and there kitty litter trays cleaned on a daily basis.The chickens to be feed every day and also watered.The garbage’s put out on garbage night and Mail bought in daily.The house cleaned and vacuumed for the clients return.So another happy customer.



Then there was the one at Kingston where my son also house sat for them just before Christmas which was 2 feed 2 cats and 2 dogs and walk the dogs daily.Clean kitty litter and bring in the mail a pretty straight forward  job.

Then there was another house sitting job in Margate that was pretty straight forward.! dog and 2 cats to be looked after and the house bins put out mail collected,kitty litter cleaned,Plants to be watered and just generally look after the house.These owners were so impressed by how my team member had left the house so tidy and said that they would not hesitate to use us again.

Leslie vale was a 5 acre property with 2 horses to feed and water 2 dogs and 1 spoilt cat chickens and a naughty Rooster.This was also a house sitting job so the usual rubbish bought put out and mail bought in house cleaned before the clients get home.Also another job well done.


I am proud of my team and I work along side of them.I will not ask any of my team members do what I am not prepared to do myself.I have high standards there fore I expect my team to have the same standards as me.

So any time you need a pet minder to visit your pets Or a Pet and house sitter to look after the lot in Blackmans bay,Kingston,Margate,Snug,Or leslie vale and surrounding areas give Me a call at Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services.

         We Love Our Pets and We Will Love yours Too!