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Reputable House Sitting Company Hobart & Tasmania

House sitting Hobart now has a Professional affordable & fully insured reputable house sitting Company, pet n house sitters In Hobart & Tasmania.Want your house to have sitters and security In Hobart while you are away?Do you want your pets to have full time companionship & stay in the comfort of their own home. the benefits of paying a house sitting company out ways the free house sitting services out there today.The old saying you get what you pay for is so true.The amount of times we have had to send in our house sitters to replace free house sitter is astounding. sometimes paying for peace of mind is better than making a costly mistake by putting a free service in  Your  home uninsured is a risk many are not willing to take.Sometimes finding the cheapest way out is not the  most cost effective way.


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Kimberly’s pet taxi House sitting


Irene Freeman Hi “Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet services” just got back from King Island and absolutely have a great break (in fact would have liked to stay longer, but Henry happy to get back to his flowers). I am so happy when I get back home to find everything so clean and welcoming and “Sam” and “Draz” so well looked after,Just awesome job “Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet services, total trustworthy, professional, highly recommend your service to my vets and everyone” my “boys” so content and happy, just beautiful. Will call soon.
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Tina Knier
Jun 4th, 6:21pm
Once again thank you to Kimberlys pet services for sending Mandy to look after our furry kids Monty and Mimi come home to very happy and well looked after kiddies and house was very clean. Lots of doggy kisses and snuggles to Mandy
Dagmar Pankhurst
May 21
Thanks to Maureen from “Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet services”, the dogs had a wonderful holiday at home while I was away…pennies
well spent!
Wildy Belinda
Apr 4th, 4:49pm
Pass on our thanks to Catherine, she did a wonderful job in looking after our vast menagerie of pets and the house was sparklingly neat and clean on arrival home, will certainly be using your pet sitting services again.

when you want assurance  that every thing will be cared for in the manner you wish call us here at Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services 0428568852




Cats-Cat Minding and cat sitting Hobart over night cat sitting – Hobart Cat minding cat sitting

 Cat minding Hobart visits by a dedicated professional team who are accredited in Pets first aid for that peace of mind cat sitting overnight cat sitters in Hobart.I have minded a few cats for cat lovers  this past year We have also done a few quotes for cat minding visits sitting cats overnight.

My team and myself have completed several cat minding jobs all over the greater Hobart area I will just tell you about a couple of them, there was Pinot a robust cat from North Hobart who was always happy with a Mew,Meow,Meowing starting as soon as he heard the key go in the door.Very friendly cat and loves the brush so I would brush and pat him first then clean water and food put out.While he would chow down I would clean his kitty litter.Make a coffee and a chat to him for a while When it was garbage night put out the Garbage,then on my way to feed 2  cats in Glenorchy lion tamer and Tuffy 2 black cats who have 2 totally different personalities.Lion Tamer would be at the door hoping to make his escape as the owner did not want the cats to be let out the whole time they were away.This is something I must admit as I feel that the cats can not disappear on my watch peace of mind for the owner and myself.I would feed and water these 2 first and then brush and pat while having a coffee the kitty litter tray being the last thing that I would do before I left as I quickly learn’t with these 2 that as soon as they ate they would go to the kitty litter so after cleaning it first the first days I started only to have to clean it again before I left.I quickly changed the routine to suit this job also the bins were taken out in this job as well as the mail collected and a couple of indoor plants watered.This was always a tricky job leaving quickly walking backwards as to not be out smarted by the quick lion tamer.Then there was the house and cat sitting job that my son had done for a family in Newtown they had a delightful cat named Boof and believe me the name suited him.This was the total care of their cat and their house.With the complete care of the cat and companionship and the plants and taking care of the rubbish and mail.A lot of people are going the house sit way these days as robberies are up all over the place such a shame.

We have just completed a quote on a house sit with 15 cats and 3 dogs in ferntree.this lady has a heart of gold with all of her Cats are rescue cats,the cats were so well looked after and the place was spotless with beautiful felines laying all over what a sight not one the same all colors sizes and length of fur.This job entails a sitter to move in with the pets feed water clean litter trays and administer cats medication as well as care for the 3 little dogs walk them and sleep with them they are spoilt and so they should be,I know that the owner of these pet is now at peace of mind knowing that someone will come into the home and love them and care for them as much as she would.The owner was telling us how she had a hard time with sitters not wanting to take on her job or only wanting to visit the pets.She was saying how it was such a pleasure to come across us and us with her it is always a pleasure to meet such an animal lover as much as We are.we have cared for 10 pets at a time this will be our first with 19 to be cared for including the pink and grey galah in his huge cage.So when you need that special care for your pets while you are away call the pet care experts at Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services on 0428 568 852 We look forward to speaking with you soon and meeting your pet family

Kennels Hobart-Hobart Boarding kennels Pet taxi To Kennels in Hobart

Pet Taxi just picked up another lovely client from Shelomith Boarding  Kennels yesterday a Doberman.At Kimberly”s Pet taxi and Pet Services We can take your dogs and cats to a boarding Kennels facility for you.This does elevate the problem of having to run around before and after your Holiday break.The Pet Taxi is fitted out to safety and comfort standards and has been approved by the vets as safe and secure pet transport.The Taxi is a Van and has separate compartments and big enough for the largest dog even a Newfoundland and they are large adorable dogs.

Shelomith is a well run establishment and is in the suburb of Acton Park.So if you happen to use these facilities and can not get your pet there or back or even just one way.Call the Pet Transport specialist that the vets Trust and use.Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services will help you all the way with your pet travel needs.We also do Vet runs,Groomers appointments,Airport pick up and drop offs and you are quite welcome to come for the ride at no extra cost.

Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Services also offer Dog minding in a family home a dogs home away from home dogs are welcome to sleep and live inside and get their daily walks and love.

So when it doubt just check us out here at Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services call 0428 568 852.Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services are at your Service.The Pet Services the Vets Trust and Use.

Professional House and Pet sitting By a Veterinary Nurse in greater Hobart -Hobart House sitter and Pet sitter By a veterinary Nurse

Need a professional house and pet sitter in the greater Hobart area.A professional veterinary nurse can come to your home and house and pet sit in Hobart for all your pet care  needs.This is house and pet sitting with the complete peace of mind knowing your pets have a veterinary nurse to care for your pets.We can live with your pets just like you do so your pets do not have to even go through the stress of leaving home.No racing around before and after your holiday to pick up your pets from kennels.We can do just what your pets are used to in their daily routine if your pets have a medical condition and need medication or injections on a daily basis this will be handled by a professional pet and house sitter.So no more stress about how you have to leave your pets when you go away .As here at Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet services we have taken that worry out of what to do with my pets.You can go away knowing your pets are in the best of hands.We also have pet and house sitters who are just as professional at looking after your pets and we have many happy customers to prove it.We have looked after lots of different animals in lots of different situations.We get the jobs back again and again as our customers are very satisfied with our animal loving team.We can also look after your dogs in our own home if this is what you prefer either way we have you and your pets covered.So Next time you consider going away and need your pets or your house sitter  give us a call at Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services a call on 0428 568 852 The Pet Services the Vets Trust and Use!

Pet and House sitting Hobart By a veterinary nurse Hobart Pet and house sitting-House and Pet sitters Hobart Hobart house and Pet sitters with a verterinary Nurse

Pet Sitting Hobart and House sitting Hobart Pet and House sitting Hobart Professional veterinary nurse pet and house sitting in Hobart suburbs.True Pet care for your pets is now available in the Hobart suburbs starting with the 7000 postcode.Vet pet care at home.This is a great idea if you have a pet with a medical issue such as diabetes and they need injections or lots of other ailments this gives you total piece of mind knowing your pets are in the very best of hands.I decided that to have some medical staff would be a great idea when I started to get many inquiry’s about pets with diabetes and chemo pets who need chemo medication as we all know that this is difficult and needs to be handled with care.But we do have other great sitters who mind all types of pets including the unusual one we have mined breeders pets while they have gone away also.It’s all about loving animals and having the right personality with animals and care.Your Pets know and sense who is good and when a team member of Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services looks after your pets,They know and they will feel secure in having some one that truly is dedicated to pets.This is also a great relief for the pet owner who is worried about their pets and the security of their home.All our House sitters are police checked and reliable and have the expertise to look after your animals.So when in doubt check us out here at Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services 0428 568 852.

The Pet services the Vets Trust and Use!

Animal sitter Hobart and Tasmania- Animal Minding-Hobart and Tasmania

Animal sitters for Hobart and surrounds and southern Tasmania is now available.Animals are precious and they can be a big part of our lives.So we at Kimberly’s Pet taxi and Pet services are Providing Animal sitters Who will care for your animals in the Greater Hobart and surrounds as well as southern Hobart tasmania.Some animals that we will animal sit are Goats,Ducks,chickens and roosters,Ferrets,rabbits,guinea pigs,birds,fish and more just ask us if you can not see it here if our Animal sitters  will sit that type of animal you may have.Animal sitters are compassionate and have a real feel for Animals and I know that I end up getting a little attached to the animals that I have minded.Animal sitters are just the same as pet sitters they mind Animals.So when you think you may need an animal sitter in the Greater Hobart and surrounds including southern Tasmania.

Who you gonna call Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet services Animal sitters

Pet sitter and Pet and House sitters – Pet Minding Huonville,Franklin,Geeveston,Dover & Southern Hobart & tasmania

Now available in Huonville,Franklin,Dover,Geeveston,Cygnet,Grove south of Hobart.PET SITTERS and PET & HOUSE SITTERS.HOBBY FARM SITTERS,All sorts of PETS SITTERS.PET MINDING VISITS.Need a break and can not leave as you have to many Pets to worry about or a small Menagerie.Don’t sweat it  At Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet services we have you covered.Kimberly and her Team will help you with your pet sitting woes.No matter what sort of Pets you need our pet sitters will have a go.Pet sitters for southern Hobart and Southern Tasmania will not miss out any more as Kimberly’s pet services are here.We can feed  and Pet sit chooks,ducks,rabbits ferrets,sheep,goats,dogs,cats,birds,fish,Whatever Try us out ask if we feed and pet sit some thing that may not be here.My team of Pet & Animal Sitters and Myself are professional,Affordable,Reliable,Helpful and have a compassion for Pets and Animals.We are all safe and secure.Police checked and keen to get on with the job and to please our clients.I am a Real pet lover Hence all my pet services.So when it doubt try us out.Pet sitters that want to come back again and again,so you can have a break or a long holiday.So now all you folks in GEEVESTON<HUONVILLE<FRANKLIN<CYGNET<DOVER GROVE and  surrounds of SOUTHERN HOBART AND TASMANIA We Have a PET SITTING SERVICE JUST FOR YOU!

Dog minding Hobart-Hobart Dogs Holiday care – Dogs holidays while you are away

Affordable-Exclusive one one one In our home Dog minding and dog care in Hobart and surrounds.We call this free Range holidays for your dogs while you are away.We care for and Mind  your much loved dog family member just as you would.Have piece of mind knowing that true dog lovers are minding and looking  your dogs.We love your dogs for you while you are away.If you want your Babies to live and sleep inside and even share a bed They can at my house just like my tiny guests below here.

These 2 littlies come stay on a regular basis as their parents go away for work often they are a part of our family here at our dog minding services in Hobart.We Love Dogs so much and when we wanted to go away we did not want to put our dog in a cage for a week or two.So we thought why not start up a cage free holiday alternative.So owners can have their dogs minded by dog lovers and their family members were just treated like home.Stress free holiday care for you and your dogs.Your dogs get walked and exercised daily and we can even take them to the beach if that is what you want we live down the road from Kingston dog friendly beach and many owners want their dogs to have a beach adventure.

We will not take your dog off the lead unless we had your permission.We are responsible and usually take your dogs to the enclosed dog park at Dru point for at least a week so they know who is their carer and then we upgrade them to beach adventures.But only if that is what you want.Other wise we walk them on the lead around the area which most dogs love just as much all dogs deserve a walk and at our dog minding and dog boarding service in Hobart we care and this is exactly what they get.This is dog boarding in Hobart with a difference.

  • I have completed a dog Handlers coarse
  •  completed doggy massage coarse
  • I am a committee member for the Hobart and Kingborough Dog Walkers association.
  • I do volunteer dog walking for the dogs home on a weekly basis
  • I have  a Pet Taxi Pet transport for the vets.
  • I have minded dogs that vets own as well.
  • This is an an Alternative to dogs boarding kennels
  •  I am Trusted and well known through out the Vet community.
  • All of my services are Insured.

So why not and use the pet services the vets trust and use!


So if you want your dogs spoilt while you are on holidays call me Kimberly from Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet services where it is all about the pets! 0428 568 852 or check out all the pet services I have on offer by clicking on the pages at top of this blog.



farm animals in front of a white background


Hello Kimberly’s Pet Taxi here!I have been driving around to the vets and getting them to rate my Taxi and they all have approved it to be Veterinary standards to carry pets safely and comfortably the are all saying how professional it is and how much trouble I have gone to get everything Perfect.It is such a buzz to know that my Transport has been Branded Vet approved and that they all trust and want me to do some work for them.Not only to bring their clients in with pets.But to also transport animals that they have just operated on and need monitoring during the night after having an operation they have asked me to transport these patients over to the Hobart after hours emergency vet clinic for them what an honor.

So if you need you pet transported whether it be a chook or a dog for your door to door  local or state wide – Australia wide transportand world wide look no further than Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Services.Look at the top of this page to click onto what ever services you need to get info from or Call me for that personal touch and I will gladly chat with you and tell you what I can do for you and your pet.0428 568 852