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Dog walking

Dog walking service that is reliable servicing the Greater Hobart region as well as the Houn Valley.To find out more go to Ph 0428568852

Dog walking gum tree & internet adds An insight to dog walking by a reputable professional pet care company

So you want to be a dog walker?

How we accumulate our clients mostly is when they are at their wits end and they have been left in the lurch had their time wasted by so called unprofessional people who think that dog walking would be  fun & easy money. All clients want is a reliable service that will turn up and walk their dogs. Rain hail or shine.You also do not have to mind picking up other peoples dogs poo.

Let me tell you dog walkers earn every cent they make & should be respected. When most people want to pay you to walk a dog it is not because the dogs are easy to walk believe me. Most clients have big pully,unruly dogs who are dog aggressive not trained to leash walk ect.To be pulled around by a big pully or small pully dog trying to control them for a full 1/2  hour or full hour is not fun. We trail and test walkers over a 2 week period.

The drop out rate is incredible. In 5 years I have found 4 regular reliable people who walk dogs all day. This would be out of close to a hundred that we have interviewed and started to trial. Not only have they wasted my time but have wasted the time of my dedicated team who help along the way with the process. To give help them the so called easy making money job of their dreams.

Some of these advertised dog walkers on gum tree and other employment internet sites.

Always make me laugh or smile with yeah right when I see them advertise walking your dog for $5 or $10 per hour  for  2 dogs $12 to $18 and then they offer a price for 3 or 4 not only is this unprofessional as it is against the law in the dog act to walk more than 2 dogs at a time If you are going to work with dogs you should know the council rules and regulations of how many dogs is acceptable to walk at each time.If you want a career in dog walking know your subject.

Not only that but it is also not safe to walk more than 2 dogs at a time not just for the walker but the dogs as well.

Dog walkers have to be alert at all the times & be aware of their environment & surrounds around them and make sure they have a firm hold on the leash at all times. Not only would multiple dogs get tangled up and cause you to trip up, maybe a little dog fight might happen between the dogs you are walking .

How are you going to control this with multiple dogs on hand. If they see a cat and the dog/s bolt out to chase it not only would this pull the walker over and cause injury to the walker more than likely they would let go of the leash and therefore set your dogs free. What a disaster. Not only do they have to get one dog back but 3 or 4 no thanks it’s an impossible ask.

If you are thinking of a career in dog walking go to the dogs home and volunteer to walk dogs for them go through the rules and safety regulations of how to safely walk a dog. Then walk dogs for them 5 to 7 days straight for a month. I always say if you can walk a dogs home dog you can walk anything.

If you have lasted and still love it after a month then you are ready to be a good dedicated dog walker. If you do please call me because you are a rare individual that is for sure and we can do with you on our team.

Not only that dog walking is 7 days a week clients do not want you to just walk week days but weekends too and there is no penalty rates.

It is not a 9 to 5 job some of our walkers start walking in the dark am and finish in the dark pm especially in the winter months,

They run from one job to another all day every day.

You must also provide insurance as once money changes hands for a service of any kind you are liable/sueable for any mishaps or accidents that may occur whilst you are walking clients dogs,These can be dog fights not just by the dog you are walking but some other dog attacking your clients dog,if you lose a dog or a dog gets run over.You must protect yourself and your clients from anything that may arise.

Some clients do contact you to walk their dogs as they are time poor and do not have time to walk or they are elderly or disable,Not all dogs are hard to walk but if you want to be a successful dog walking service you can not pick and choose or you will not make money.

Expenses & tools you need to run a successful dog walking business is insurance,dog leads and haltis,dog coats of various sizes for bad weather,petrol money to get from one job to another,old towels to dry the dogs off.Lots of treats of course all dogs love to get a treat’.

A good hat, sunglasses,2 very good all weather coats/Jackets with a hood,2 pairs of water proof pants, Gloves with good gripping on the palm side a Beanie and most important good and supportive walking shoes.

Also patience lots of patience not just for dogs but starting a business such as dog walking is slow and you may not get a job for months and then only a holiday walk and then nothing else. If you want to start off with clientele asap you need to call us as we can give you work straight away and you do not need to take on the burdens of running a business

The Pro’s of dog walking are

You get to meet lovely people who adore their dogs

You get to meet some awesome dogs and bond with them naughty and good, but the naughty ones are just as lovable as the good you will see, Exercise and fitness.


So next time you see a professional dog walker out and about walking dogs for a job have a respect for what they do they deserve it and the dogs & owners love them too!

If you are looking for walkers who are dedicated and we have trailed and tested them so you do not have to go through the disappointment. Let us take the worry out of that and do the hard work for you so you may get the dog walker you and your dog deserves!

 Jobs                                                                                                                                                         If you are serious about becoming a dog walker contact us and we can have a chat and if you are suitable we can train and trial you.

0428568852          email














Affordable Pet sitting Kingston Pet sitters from $20 per visit,Pet feeding Kingston,House sitters Kingston,Dog walking Kingston

For Affordable Pets first aid trained professionals in Pet Sitting Kingston,Pet Sitters from $20 per visit,Pet Feeding Kingston,House sitters Kingston,Pet Minding Kingston,Dog Walking Kingston.Call Kimberly on0428 568 852 to have a chat We can help you with all your Holiday needs.We also serve Blackmans bay,Margate firthside Huntingfield

Ask the pet sitters you are interviewing about their Experience

Having experience is one thing. Having relevant experience is Another. All pets are different and at the very least your pet sitter should be used to looking after dogs or cats of a similar size, breed and mentality. Having experience with monkeys, although  may be helpful But in the reality of it all, isn’t going to be very useful when caring for a  after a Shitzu or a German Shepard Or a Persian cat.

Pet sitters should have CPR and pets first aid experience to pet sit,pet feed or pet mining as pet minding can entail lots of different Tasks depending on the client of course.It is handy to be handy for your pet sitter or pet feeder pet minder to be able to administer medication such as insulin injections.

Your pet sitting business or company that you use should be very helpful and courteous and nothing should be a problem for them to do for your pet.Your pet should like them if your pet growls or hisses they are probably not for you.If you want Affordable friendly and professional service give me a call Kimberly from Kimberly’s pet taxi and Pet Services on 0428 568 852 we look forward to chatting with you about how we can help with your pets.

Cat minding Kingston,Dog minding Kingston,Bird Minding Kingston,rabbit minding Kingston,all pet minded Kinston Tasmania


Pet minding Kingston Tasmania Dogs, cats and all pets we look after and care for in Kingston Tasmania.We love ,feed walk dogs live with visit your pets while you are on holidays in Kingston.We mind dogs in a families homes across Kingston and Blackmans bay and beyond.

For an affordable option call us for the experienced pet care team that serves your area.We come out and meet you and your pets first for free so we can what with you on your pets needs.

We house and pet sit, We visit your pets feed them and give them some company,We mind dogs in our own homes,We mind birds in our home or yours the choice is yours.So for the  wise choice in pet minding call Kimberly’s pet taxi who has a team of pet cares that are happy to help you and love your pets.

You love your paw, claw,scale and hooves family and we will Too!

Dog walking Hobart-Hobart Dog Walking-Hobart Dog Walker-Dog Walker Hobart

Dog Walking Hobart Hobart dog walker available in the Hobart area.For all your Dog walking needs in Hobart call Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services.I can walk your dogs for you if you are elderly,disabled and just have a busy busy life style and need your paw family member walked.I walk a guys dog on a regular basis who is in a wheel chair and an elderly lady who has a bad knee I walk her 2 dogs regularly.I also walk a families dog who has a thriving business and just do not have the time.Other jobs I do is walk dogs for people while they are holidays..I also take a lady who is 83 and her elderly dog who is 13 to the dog beach at Kingston 4 times a week so they may both still enjoy a walk together on the beach  as she is unable to drive anymore,This is one of my favorite jobs as I get to hear all her fascinating life stories that she enjoys to tell me.

I am an experienced dog walker and I am a Dogs Home volunteer Dog walker a committee member for the kingborough Dog Walking Association and a Hobart dog walking Association member as well as the Huonville dog walking association member So Yes I am into Dog Walking and enjoy it as much as the dogs do.I have completed a dog handlers coarse and a doggy massage coarse as some dogs like to have a 5 minute massage after their walk actually they love it.I have walked pullers ,big dogs and little dogs.Dogs that have never been walked before and need to be taught.I do the Hobart area including north and south and West Hobart Lenah Valley and Mount Stuart,Sandy Bay.The Kingborough council area and some of the Clarence areas and always looking for other people in other areas who would like to walk for us so we can expand our areas.So next time you want your dogs walked call me Kimberly from Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services and see what I can offer you and your paw family member on 0428 568 852

Dog walking service Kingston Tasmania-Dog Walker Kingston Tasmania

I Am a committee member for the Dog walking association in Kingston Tasmania and a volunteer dogs home dog Walker.As you can see I do love to Walk dogs.So I decided to add it to  my many great pet services I operate and manage for the convenience of when people can not walk their dogs for all sorts of reasons sick,going to hospital on holidays just to busy as their lifestyle does not give them the time to walk their dogs.I service Kingston Blackmans Bay  Taroona,Margate and Bonnet Hill.There are so many great places to walk your dogs and Kingston beach is one of them.So if you are finding it hard to get in a walk for your fur child and best friend call me Kimberly the dog walking expert.This dog walking is exclusive i do not walk to many dogs at a time I will only walk one so your darling pooch gets all of my attention.I will how ever walk 2 dogs together if they are from the same family.Remember I do not mass walk your dog will have the special attention of myself or another very capable dog walker all my dog walkers are either or  have trained or doing a coarse on dog behavior or are dog walking association colleagues and dog walking volunteers for the dogs home.we always say here At Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet services if you can walk a dogs home dog you can walk any dog.All my services are insured for your piece of mind.

So when you want or need your dog to be walked call me at Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services and get the experts in Dog walking to come visit you and your best friends. phone 0428 568 852

Dog walking- In home Pet minding-Pet care- Pet services -Pet Taxi Kingston-Blackmans bay-Taroona-Leslie vale -Margate- Snug- huntingfied-Firthside

Dog Walking and In Home pet minding & Pet Care whether it’s in your home or ours.Pet Taxi  To all pet Services and all over the state.

Available in Blackmans Bay,Kingston Tasmania 7050,Margate,Snug,Huntingfield,Taroona,Fiirthside & Leslie vale


 Dog walking

  • Is Exclusive one on one Your dog will be the only one walked Unless it is from the same Family.
  • No mass walking Means no worries for the owner the pet and myself.
  • Dru Point dog exercise park walks and runs are so much fun
  • Pet taxi will Take your dogs to dru point and let them have off lead fun
  • Experienced-caring- responsible dog walking -dog walker
  • In the dog Walking associations of Hobart & Kingborough
  • Organize and head walks for the Association on a Sat or sun every month.


Pet Minding Visits In your home and dog Minding In our own Home the choice is yours.Both are good choices as your pets do not have to be put away and have the freedoms and schedules of home.No kennels no fuss and just stress free.This is Pet care for all your Pets needs.Below are some examples of pets we mind as well as much more ask us if we mind something you do not see here.

Pet Taxi to all your pets appointments

  • Vets and groomers,Cattery,friends to the Park anyOr to any pet services you may need where you want your pets to be we can arrange that for you
  • Veterinary approved Pet Transport
  • The Vets use me on a daily basis  as they are very happy with my standards as well as the way Pet Taxi has been fitted out
  • State wide I have transported pets all over the state
  • Airport Pick ups and drop offs,Aussie and World wide Travel arrangement.I am an agent for a pet travel shipping company that have won awards for pet Trave

So there you have it Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet services             

                   The Pet Service the Vets Trust and use!