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Dog Walking Service – Dog Walker – Pet minding- Sandy Bay-Mount Nelson-Battery Point-North Hobart & South Hobart

For the Dog walkingservice That serves Sandy Bay- Mount Nelson-Battery Point-North Hobart and South Hobart.Call us the dog walking specialists Kimberly’s Pet Taxi And Pet Services.We walk dogs all over the Greater Hobart Area.We walk dogs for all sorts of people for all sorts of reasons.We also walk all sorts of dogs all shapes and sizes and personalities.I am a dogs home dog walker Volunteer on a weekly basis I am a committee member for the Kingborough Dog Walking association.Also a Hobart dogs walking association member.I walk a lot of dogs and they are all happy to see me come up to there front doors.Every dog Deserves to have the chance to walk and sniff and just be a dog.dogs love to sniff and just have a walk I have not met a dog that does not like to walk even the overweight ones enjoy it even if their huffing and puffing at first because they are unfit in just a few short weeks these dogs are transformed and are running along like a  champion.I only walk one dog at a time this is an Exclusive Service I will walk 2 at a time if from the same family.So When you think you may need someone to walk you dogs .

When in doubt check us out here at Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services!

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