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For doggy day care in the greater Hobart Suburbs

Looking for doggy day care in the greater suburbs of Hobart.Well look no further than our unique Doggy day care Hobart


Affordable Day care is now available in the suburbs of Greater Hobart.

Ask yourself

  • Do you work all day most days
  • Is your dog bored and Barking digging holes or being destructive
  • Is your dog home alone most days
  • Have your neighbors complained about your dogs
  • Are your dogs driving you crazy

If so We have the solution for you doggy day care in a family home.This is unique doggy day care at it’s best.

Why are we different from other Doggy Day Cares?

  • Different as we do not mass bored them of a day
  • different as they have individual care
  • Different as your dog does not get lost in the crowd
  • Different that we do not charge you any extra for walking your dog for you
  • Different as you dog is cared for in a family home environment
  • Have your dogs socialize and have a play date with one of our doggy day carers dogs
  • Whether it be 1 day to 5 days a week your dog will love to come and stay and play
  • Meet and Greet with your Doggy day carer personally with your dog first to see if they match you
  • Most of our doggy day carers are dog walking volunteers for the dogs home or in the Dog walking associations all are dog lovers and have a great passion about dogs
  • Affordable and caring professional service

If you are at your wits end with your pooch or whether you just want them to have company of a day.Never fear Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services are here!

Call me to see how we can help you on 0428 568 852

Doggy Day Care Kingston-Blackmans bay- Margate-Snug-Huntingfield-Kettering-Huonville – Dog Day Care

Affordable Exclusive Doggy Day Care In Blackmans bay doggy day care is now available If you live in Kingston tasmania Doggy day care is available, Margate, Snug, Kettering,Huonville.Or any where from Kingston and south of kingston and you have to come to town or work around the Kingston area.We can give your dog dog day care and companionship.Her at Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet services we also do doggy day care in the homes of minders or myself.

This way your dog has company and will be walked as well.Most of the Minders have a dog themselves so your dog/s will have a buddy to play with.This is doggy day care that is more affordable and way more exclusive than some and we will take only one families dog/s at a time and this way they get individual attention and do not get lost in the crowd we take puppies as well.So do not worry about your dogs during the day call me for a quote on how much this will cost and you will be surprised.The reason we can keep the costs down is we do not have rent out warehouses or premises and we do don have a lot staff to pay.Your dog gets to stay in a family home with secure yards and get walked.No strings attached no joining fees no paying extra to have them walked it is all the same costs.At Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services we try to save you money as we know that times are tough.So we wont your dog to have company during the day without the big costs.Kimberly’s Pet taxi and Services also do overnight stays and holiday care we have a carer near you but do be quick as this.Most people would Rather their pets Stay in the Family home and we are popular.So when you think of doggy day care think of Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Services call on 0428 568 852 Doggy day care from $24 per day Not $40.The Pet Services the Vets Trust and Use!