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Want to take the kennel out of  Boarding Kennels  You Now can in LindisfarneBellerive-Rosny Park-Warrane and Montagu bay and surrounding areas.At Kimberly’s Pet taxi and Pet Services We do in our home dog minding/care for your dogs whilst you are on holiday a family home where they can live and sleep inside get walked daily and given all the attention they need.We can do this as we do not mass board we only take one families dogs at a time.So this means an Exclusive service and peace of mind knowing your pets are not put into a cage for days on end.Here at Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet services.I personally mind dogs and I will only have carers on my team who genuinely love and have a great affection for dogs.How do I know that they are like this most of my minders are dogs home dog walker volunteers.So if they are willing to give up their time to walk dogs from the dogs home they love dogs don’t worry as this is a hard thing to do I know I walk dogs home dogs on a regular basis and it is hard to get yourself down there and then walk dogs that generally walk you.But at the same time it is very rewarding as you know that if you may not have walked those dogs that day they may have never got out at all.Some are just great dog lovers and enjoy minding and having the company of your dogs and if they have a dog their dogs also enjoy the company.So if you have a dog that you would rather have minded in a family home give me a call Kimberly the Pet services expert.The pet services the Vets Trust and use.Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services. phone 0428 568 852.

Another Service we offer are in your home pet visits and pet and house sitting we look after your pets in your home so then they do not have to even leave home.The pet and house sitting is more economical for you if you have 3 or pets than boarding them in a kennel facility and we care for cats birds fish chooks rabbits and of coarse mans best friend the dogs and many more.

The Pet services Teh Vets Trust and use Kimberly’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services 0428 568 852