Hello every one Kimberly Here from pet taxi and services!

I just wanted to share a job I did the other day helping an 88 year old man take his Budgie to the vets.I received a phone call fro a thick accented Scottish voice Elderly man .I need a need a taxi tot take me to the doctors he said .I asked him if the taxi was just for him and he said yes.I started to proceed to tell him that I was a pet taxi and he had the wrong place when he popped up and said my budgie needs to get his claws cut,Oh I said you do have the right place and assured him i would be there asap.Oh Thank you dear he replied I am a prisoner in my own home.I arrived and walked up these step stairs and knocked on the door.When I could here foot steps coming around the side.A Happy faced man appeared with a large cage wit a small bird in it.Thank you dear he said I have lived her for 40 years and have never heard of you Before.I explained that I had started a while ago but like all businesses they take a while to get the word out there.I took the cage off him and walked down the stairs as I was worried he would fall down the stairs.I opened the sliding door secured the cage and covered it as to not cause the bird any stress.The elderly man was chatting away I asked him if he had any family and he answered no lassie ans i am 88 years old and proud of iy he said.We arrived at the vet and the bird was taken away and had his claws trimmed they were so long that they were curling.The elderly man was such a character in the office a real delight. when the vet appeared with the bird he asked how often do they need to be clipped and the vet answered every 6 months.Ian my passengers Name was stunned he said i didnt know,I have had the bird for 6 years and never had them done.Not that he was see he and inherited the bird 2 cats and a fish and had them all still god love him.I packed the bird back into the car with Ian and off we went home.He couldn’t stop Thanking me all the way home I took scotty that was the birds name and carried him up the Stairs for Ian.He asked me for a card and told me he would tell all his friends in his thick accent>He bid me farewell and disappeared around the side of the house whistling away with his budgie I just smiled and sighed with a feeling of satisfaction. i jumped back in my little pet taxi and drove away knowing I would see this lovely client.I love my job helping people and their pets.So if you are worried about how to get your pets from A to B.Just call me Kimberly and I will help you every step of the way.

Always Remember pet taxi can arrange state wide Australia wide and world wide Travel for your birds.

So never fear Kimberly’s Pet taxi is here!