About Us

I love pets and know how precious they are to you as they are part of the family too and I know for some people it is hard for them to transport their pets to vets and groomer’s appointments and boarding kennel facilities or pick up from and drop off to airport, so I would like to help you do so with that peace of mind.

About the pet taxi!

I had consults with various vets in the Hobart area and they advised me on how to travel pets safely.So I had my van fitted out so your pet will get their own section with a mattress for comfort,That are also removable for cleaning and some pets will be in one of our pet transport cages if the are small I went to the council and they gave me the go ahead with all the safety standards I have taken on-board.I was advised by the vets that pets should not be traveling with leads or harnesses on them as this can become a hazard waiting to happen.Also that it was not appropriate to have pets that are not separated as this can cause anxiety and stress to your pets.A cat would not want to be next to a dog and a bird next to a cat without barricades or if a dog fight happened to break out. This is not how I want to transport pets I want to do it in the proper & safe way.I have taken all the precautions necessary to make sure your pets have a safe and comfortable travel.Your pet will have a comfortable section to themselves where they can lay in comfort without sliding around.Water & treats supplied and some toys.

 Some More about Us!

My Parents rescued animals & gave many animals homes and respite.
I have a Love of animals and helped bring up and care for and was exposed to all sorts of animals from a young age.


  • Experienced dog minder
  • Volunteer dogs home dog walker
  • Completed dog handlers course
  •  many years experience working with animals & in the pet industry.
  • All approved equipment to transport your pet
  • completed doggy massage coarse for the relaxation of your pets

Hobart/Kingborough dog walking association committee member

  • Donate to many animal organizations
  • Years of volunteer work with the community
  • Have Auxiliary drivers license
  • 30 years driving experience
  • Police check Provided

I have a compassionate place in my heart for all pets and people and want to help and  Provide pet owners with a much needed service.

We will take your pet to Vets-Groomers-Kennels-Dog minders-Pet sitters and pick up puppies & kittens from the breeders – We do Airport pick ups and drop offs we can arrange for your pet to be picked up at the other end with my affiliates whether it be Sydney-Melbourne-Perth-Brisbane and others.
We provide services that will ensure that your much loved family member is given all of our caring undivided attention I know that your pets are part of the family too
I believe that pets are as important as people and deserve the best in quality and care. Our goal is to be the most unique and best at what we do in pet services that we have on offer
A Quality Air conditioned fitted out van for the safety and comfort for your pets transportation


Phone Kimberly on 0428 568 852

When making a booking with us you are agreeing to all of our terms and conditions which can be found on menu bar.